Real Time LA Metro Bus Tracking makes Riding Mass Transit a Little Easier

Mar 04, 2011 by Lisa Newton

As gas prices continue to rise, I’m going to use Metro more often.

However, a huge drawback when using Metro is the wait time at a particular bus stop.

If I knew in advance, for example, that the bus wasn’t going to arrive for an additional 30 minutes, I could buy a sandwich, or kick-back at home instead of waiting for the bus longer than I want to.

But that’s not an issue any longer. Due to the beauty of technology, I can track my bus route by using my mobile phone.

Let’s look at NextBus:

Using Metro Rapid 704 as an example, here’s a screen shot:

From this particular screen, I’m able to find out which one of the next three buses will reach my location and if applicable, what other buses may serve this bus stop. However, because Metro is still beta testing this service, not all bus routes are available at this time. From my testing, the Rapid bus stops usually have the best info.

But if your bus doesn’t show up, you can still track your route using the map:

Even though I was able to take these screenshots from my desktop computer, I can also use this service with my Droid.

If you decide that you don’t want to use this service in this manner to access the site, you can opt for updates via text message or email.

Remember, this is not an application but rather a website which you can bookmark for quick reference.

So, as gas prices keep increasing, riding Metro is now much easier to use.

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