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Radio Hill Gardens

Apr 04, 2010 by Lisa Newton

When I’m visiting different parts of Los Angeles, I make a concerted effort to visit several different locations in a single day.

Based on both my personal and professional background I’ve always been of the belief that setting goals, taking steps to accomplish them, and always trying to do things better, is deeply ingrained in my psychology and ethics. So it’s not a stretch, then, that I’m also a firm believer in good “time management” as a way of life.

Anyway, for many, its just common sense to make use of your time as productively as possible. And getting around town here in Los Angeles requires that in abundance. Therefore, I often use Google maps as a reference.

The amount of information Google provides is substantive—especially when going to places you’ve never been to before.

After finishing my story of the public murals at Estrada Courts in Boyle Heights, I thought I’d have enough time to visit a nearby park, and I wasn’t incorrect—I discovered an interesting setting in the shadow of Dodger Stadium called, “Radio Hill Gardens.”

So first things first, I inputted Radio Hills Garden into Google’s search engine and only found two references to the place, both by Eric Richardson of blogdowntown, which were almost two years old.

During his visit, he found a neglected park, with several garbage dumpsters strewn about, and over grown walking paths of weeds and other debris.

So, I decided to see if anything had changed.

The gates leading to the park are closed, so the only entrance is by foot. What first impressed me about this park were its great views.

The magnificent gridiron of Cathedral High School within the backdrop of Downtown

Los Angeles Historical State Park with the Chinatown Metro stop in the background

The second thing that I thought about during my visit to Radio Hill Gardens was the idea that this park was once pristine, so I see no good reason why it can’t be the same again.

At the top of the hill, the remnants of both a hummingbird area and butterfly garden were there. I pictured how this would be a great urban sanctuary for all to enjoy—especially for school aged children, who often times aren’t able to see enough nature here, as our urban city is well, too urban sometimes. Besides I thought, why not be able to enjoy seeing hummingbirds at play, or butterflies fluttering from one flower to another.

Seeing the neglect at this park, I have to ask myself, why build new parks when we can’t keep up with the parks we already have?

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a follower of Travelin’ Local, you know what huge fans we are of public friendly places and parks.

But, with talk of a $5 million dollar park at 9th and Hill, and another expensive park at Grand and Olympic, why not spend some of that money and fix up a park with the bare bones necessity to bring back a great park up to current standards, and pull parks like Radio Hill Gardens out of its current state of malaise and neglect.

Regardless of whether new parks are built or old ones revamped, Travelin’ Local will bring them to you in all their glory.

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One Response to “Radio Hill Gardens”

  1. Ebie says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for this tip. I have never heard of this place. It was a great view of downtown LA.

    Yes, I would agree to give some funding for this spot. I have also been to the Grand Hope Park. But you got my vote on Radio Hill!


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