Public Art at the Yahoo! Center

Jan 20, 2011 by Lisa Newton

On Martin Luther King Day, I decided to visit the Yahoo! Center Park.

This wonderful parcel of land in Santa Monica, has many splendorous–and perfectly maintained–blades of grass for both Yahoo! employees, and the general public to enjoy.

Along with its immaculate manicured lawns, the Yahoo! Center Park has both tennis and basketball courts, alongside ample areas to relax and take in some sun, fresh or indulge with a picnic.

Even more rewarding as you delve further into the Yahoo! Center Park, is that it’s home to three wonderful pieces of Public Art.

Even better, they’re all totally off the grid and beaten path.

If you’re not brown bagging lunch, just round the corner is the Daily Grill, which is located inside the Yahoo! Center building, you probably haven’t seen this Giant Pitcher, featured below:

Now, I’m not sure if the water wasn’t flowing on the day I was there because it was before business hours, or if the water is just turned off, but regardless, you definitely get the feel of this large piece.

Scattered among the tables, this water pitcher, which stands at least 10 feet high, fits in very nicely with its surroundings.

After passing by the eating enclave you’ll see this rather Unique Bench:

Although the seating is limited to a party of one, I was able to indulge and pay homage to the Public Artwork.

Aptly enough, sometimes Public Art plays duel roles:–as both a glorious piece of Art, and simultaneously providing a practical purpose. At first blush, neither the water pitcher or bench artist’s names are displayed on the works, despite my further investigation. I’m sure however, if I contacted the office building’s owners they would be able to proffer up the 411!

Nonetheless, sometimes it really doesn’t matter, as you’re still able to appreciate the object matter:

This whimsical group of ball players is the creation of JoeSam., an artist whose work can be seen throughout the nation.

I was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. I vividly remember looking at colors and textures. I spent a lot of time looking at hues of peeling paint. It was that old lead-based paint that peeled periodically, especially when the ceiling leaked. We always had these incredible designs on our walls.
I am a mixed media artist. Whenever possible I use materials in the state in which they were found. Whatever the media, the surface if my work is textured or shaped. My work reflects the fact that I’m a Black artist. My colors, patterns, and designs are multi-faceted and combine many parallel elements in a single piece of work analogous to the way African derived music combines parallel rhythmic and melodic elements. The content of my work reflects issues and ideas concerning people of color.

JoeSam.’s work can also be found at the Rosa Parks Metro Station, which is a major transfer point for the Blue and Green Lines. Just look up at the ceiling under the station, and you can’t help but smile:

It’s been my experience that you never know when you’ll collide with Public Art as it’s part of life’s living in the moment.

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