Protecting our Oceans, Gulfs, Coasts, and Waterways

Jun 14, 2010 by Lisa Newton

For many, the unique experience that fills our soul, being, and life in between infinity and eternity–are our oceans and waterways. They’re magical, mystical, and for millions, a way of life.

Here in Southern California, where we love our long coastline–reading, hearing, and watching about this ongoing horrific and terribly unimaginable oil spill, fills us, as with the rest of the affected areas and the nation, with disgust and grief.

What the oil spill has wrought upon our nation’s gulfs, marshlands, water eco-systems, fishing, diving, and seafood industry and workers, hardly is tolerable, nor can we accept it as a "status- quo" as to its damage.

We are not a political site nor is this a political message.

It’s a universal message that there’s something about oceans, gulfs, water-ways, and coasts, that everyone needs, something that a life spent wholly on land and inland would be missing. It has nothing to do with sunny, sandy beaches, diving, fishing, or purchasing real estate.

It’s our earth’s greatest and most magnificent resource.

We’re not going to delve into the how’s. who’s, this’, and that’s to seek blame, but Travelin’ Local’s readers all know that we treasure our environment because we’ve been blessed with one of the greatest one in the world.

To our readers that are dealt this miserable hand our hearts go out to you as well as our constant vigilance in thought and effort to assist.

No more truer words have been spoken, than you never know what you really have until you lose it.

Note–we don’t want to lose our oceans, coasts, gulfs, waterways, and natural resources. On that, we don’t think there’s a dissenting voice to be heard.

We celebrated Earth Day not too long ago, so get in touch with the many credible organizations to see what you can do to help the gulf’s oil spill victims get some relief.

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