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Please Mom, please!

Feb 05, 2009 by Lisa Newton

“It would look so cute on me. That one with the pink flowers would so match the pink streak in my hair.”

“Honey, we have spent enough money today. We’ve already stopped by so many small boutiques here on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.”

“But, Mom, please, please. I’ll do the dishes for a week.”

“You’ll have to do the dishes regardless of whether I buy the dress or not.”

“Oh, Mom, you always say that.”

“You’re right, Honey, I always say that, because it’s true. You do a good job doing the dishes.”

“Yes, I do. So, I deserve a reward. How about a dress?”

“You think?”

“Yes, Mom, I think it’d be great.”

“Okay, Honey, let’s go take a look.”

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2 Responses to “Please Mom, please!”

  1. Todd Smith says:

    Oh, I love these fresh prints. Did you buy them all? :)

    Todd Smith’s last blog post..Please Mom, please!


  2. LisaNewton says:

    @Todd Nope, I didn’t buy a single one, but I loved how they swayed in the breeze………:)


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