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PBS and Jim Henson Studios Join Forces to Bring Geography Home

Feb 05, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Wilson & Ditch

Back in the day, when I started the 7th grade, the first assignment that my geography teacher requested from the class, was to write down all of the US State’s 50 capitals.

I was the only student in the class to successfully complete the teacher’s assignment solely due to an Atlas game that my siblings and I frequently played at home.

Currently, 50% of 18- to 24-year-old Americans are not able to find New York State on a map. Because education is the key to our ability to survive both as a nation and to remain competitive to obtain a good job, knowing more about geography definitely needs to be front and center for our educational system.

After accepting a gracious invitation from both PBS and the Jim Henson Studios, I was both enthralled and captivated by their newest headliners, Wilson & Ditch, to appear on PBS Kids Go–the go-to website for early elementary students to learn more about geography. Naturally, as a former teacher and school manager, I am a strong believer in having our children as educated as possible.

Who are Wilson & Ditch?

“We’re gopher brothers in a van! Digging America ’cause we can!"

Meant “to embrace the vast beauty of the United States of America and promote an appreciation for the diversity of people and places of America through humor and song,” Wilson & Ditch are cool characters that miss their Mom and fight like siblings, but in the end, have fun doing what brothers do best.

Crisscrossing America from Philadelphia to California, to National Parks and beyond, PBS and Henson Studios create a funny, captivating, and engrossing program for kids that are designed to:

  • Help students learn the geography of the United States of America
  • Help students understand and appreciate the diversity of American Culture
  • Introduce students to regions within the United States of America
  • Help students gain an appreciation for the natural and ecological make up of the United States of America

Can you name our 50 states in just over a minute?

Wilson & Ditch can:

If you and especially your children need a little practice on geography, then catch Wilson & Ditch on PBS Kids Go.

They’re online 24/7/365. Because this site is intentionally designed to be “kid-friendly,” you can let them play there without any worry.

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