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Park[ing] Day LA is Friday September 17th

Sep 13, 2010 by Lisa Newton

On Friday, September 17th, you might notice a change when you go to work.

In your parking lot or spot, where a large delivery truck usually resides, trees might be found there, or perhaps a few chairs, books, and even a grill.

Next Friday is the 4th Annual Park[ing] Day LA, when metered parking spots are transformed into a pocket park.

At the risk of being ticketed, community groups, architectural firms, neighborhood councils, USC Urban Planning students, and for the first time this year, a church, will host a pocket park[ing] spot.

From Park[ing] Day LA organizers:

Park[ing] Day LA hopes to further celebrate the momentum of providing additional parks & open space throughout Los Angeles – especially as it relates to smaller, more infill opportunities to enhance the public realm with the benefit of recreation, landscape, habitat and opportunities to cool the City with increased canopy coverage. Additional parks will help reduce the heat-island effect of the City by converting our over-abundance of concrete and asphalt into green spaces that will inevitably promote the civility of the City by offering more spaces for the public to converge.

Here are a few examples from past park[ing] days:

Pigeon Park hitting all the demographic niches

Parking Day LA 2008 - Melendrez

Park(ing) Day LA 2009

If you’re interested in touring a few of the 2010 Park[ing] Day LA stops, they have created a trusty map to guide you on your journey:

CommunityWalk Map – Park[ing] Day LA – 2010

So the next time you think park, you don’t necessarily have to literally think about such parks like Griffith Park (although it’s a city treasure of open space and more); rather think of a small neighborhood respite.

Even in LA, the idea of small and not-to-fancy urban pocket parks is a totally viable option that’s the purpose behind the Park[ing] Day LA.

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