Palm Tree Trimming in Santa Monica

Jul 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Today, after I got my own haircut, I noticed that all of the Palm Trees on Santa Monica Boulevard were also getting a haircut, so to speak.

I learned that only the brown drooping fronds on Palm Trees should be cut off. If you trim the green ones, the Palm Trees may not be able to capture enough sunlight they require to grow, thus, killing them.

After watching the construction men who do the trimming, I definitely have a new found respect for the work that they do.

It’s really dangerous, so much so that as a matter of fact, last month, a gentleman was killed while trimming palm trees in South LA, estimated to be about 75’ tall:

The 23-year-old, who was wearing a harness, was suspended in mid-air while trimming a palm tree in the 4800 block of S. San Pedro Street when he became trapped in the foliage. Source: LA Times

Here are the guys in action. Watch out below!

If you’d like to see a few Palm Trees getting their haircuts, this time lapse video is perfect.

Before the trimming is on the right; and after the trimming is on the left. See the difference? And yes, I was standing in the middle of Santa Monica Blvd. when I took this shot.

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  1. Peter Smith says:

    i just realized that palm trees provide little to no shade, so should not be used along roadways if that is one of the intended purposes — and it should probably be.


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