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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Dec 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but for me, Christmas is more about fond memories which everyone can relate to.
When I was a child, I woke up to find our family’s Christmas tree loaded with gifts. And [...]

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Burn Notice: A Unique Television Series full of Humor, Intrigue and Unrequited Love

Dec 23, 2010 by Tom Jones

Now entering its 5th and 6th seasons, Burn Notice is an indulgent and fun hour of entertainment. The premise of the show centers on “Burned” spy, Michael Westen, as played by Jeffrey Donovan.
The term “Burned” [...]

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Christmas Eve at the Music Center

Dec 23, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Mark your calendars!
This Year’s 51st annual LA County Holiday Celebration is being held on December 24th, at 3:00pm and at the downtown Music Center.
The theme for this year’s holiday theme is "Childhood Holiday Memories.” It [...]

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Hopefully, after all the Rain in Los Angeles, the forecast is…

Dec 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

I realize a lot has been written about the current rain storms hitting the Los Angeles area, but seeing is believing it.
This morning, I did a quick search of Youtube to see what has had [...]

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A Untitled Mural

Dec 22, 2010

Whenever you’re walking around Los Angeles, sometimes you never know what you’ll find. I’ve seen a a costumed bear strolling down Hollywood Boulevard and a Superman grocery shopping in Venice. Each new walk presents new [...]

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Los Angeles has a Large Ethnic Diversity

Dec 21, 2010

If Los Angeles is known for anything besides its glamor, glitz, and being the entertainment capital, it’s our ethnic diversity that tells another side of who we are.
Our population’s ethnicity ranges from Latinos to [...]

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30% off Travelin Local Walking Tours Plus 2 Bonus Gifts

Dec 21, 2010

If you’re stuck with last minute gift ideas, or even better, if you want to buy something totally unique, then consider purchasing a gift that includes LA history, architecture, unique neighborhoods, original writing, maps [...]

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10 Useful Activities You Can do While on the Bus

Dec 21, 2010

More often than not, using the Metro will usually take longer than traveling by car, especially if you live on the Westside.
Therefore, successful time management is almost always one of the more important issues [...]

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Will Cranberry, the Seal, make it Home for Christmas?

Dec 20, 2010

This could be the title of a Christmas book for kids. But it turns out to be a very real story about a sleek little seal that was stranded on the beach in Laguna on [...]

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LA Weather Forecast: Rainy Days and Monday

Dec 20, 2010

If the weather pundits are correct, today we pass the half way point in our recent torrent of rain showers. Since Friday, we’re already had three days of rain, but three more are still on [...]

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Walkways are Streets in Venice

Dec 19, 2010

Part of Los Angeles’ charm is the various “streets” that aren’t really streets at all.
For example, if you’ve ever been to the Music Box Steps, which isn’t just the name of the stairs, but [...]

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Sing-a-Long Saturday: Los Lobos – Straight out of East Los Angeles

Dec 18, 2010

Although Los Angeles has had its fair share of musical bands and musicians originating and playing here, there’s always been a dearth of Mexican Rock’n’Roll bands that made it into mainstream Rock & Roll culture [...]

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Sustainability LA Style – Raising Chickens

Dec 17, 2010

The overarching concept of being “Sustainable” is being able to be self-sufficient with all the resources one uses living wherever they live. For example, recycling your own water, growing your own food, generating your own [...]

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Los Angeles Public Transit Commuters is on the Decline

Dec 16, 2010

Unlike three other major metropolitan areas, the Los Angeles Metro saw fewer mass transit commuters in 2009 compared to 2008, based on a new study just published by the US Census Bureau.
In the survey entitled [...]

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