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Our Writers

Travelin’ Local means many different things to our diverse readers. Each and every category and story that we cover has a core audience. As we evolve, our coverage will expand as well, to give succor for those that have interests that are entrenched in absorbing, and celebrating Los Angeles and Southern California’s vast multi-faceted urban landscape. That’s the heart of our core mission. Nothing further needs to be said—merely written about.

To that end, Travelin’ Local has several authors who each have their own unique approach to the subject of their passion. Let me introduce them to you:

D.J. Schwartz is Travelin’ Local’s Editor-in-Chief. He is helping to build Travelin’ Local into the number one online lifestyle magazine for Los Angeles and Southern California. A California native born and raised in La Jolla, CA, he is an occasional contributing writer. Only a year plus old it has a readership from around the world interested in the Los Angeles and Southern California mystique, lifestyle, trendsetting, and its residents diverse interests. With its 100% original writing and photographs, Travein’ Local stories cover our myriad of neighborhood enclaves and well and not-so-well known places, along with our area’s diverse and beautiful cultural, historical and physical infrastructure that’s in our own backyard–if we just look around.

Tom Jones is our “mystery writer,” who desires his anonymity. His writing and critical reviews are based on his literary education, art dealings, and professional acumen. His sharp wit and keen observations add that extra “it” factor that’s rare to find, and is integral to the success and professionalism for Travelin’ Local.

Sandy Schroeder, based in Southern California, has 12 years editorial experience in Healthcare. She’s also been an advertising copywriter, community news reporter and editor of collector auto publications. She enjoys researching autos, touring the back-roads of California! Recently, she began writing motivational health and well being articles online with an emphasis on stress management, meditation, exercise and life attitudes. She has a Bachelors of Arts in journalism and a Masters of Arts in communications from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.

Lindsay Pullin is a recent graduate of the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, with a degree in Literature. She was born in Santa Monica, and grew up in Long Beach and Orange County. Lindsay spent the past 4 months backpacking in South East Asia, and is now enjoying being back home in California. She was an assistant editor of the literary journal Spectrum, and a section editor of the La Cumbre Yearbook at UCSB. Lindsay is now Travelin’ Local’s Intern writer, covering the Los Angeles night life, band and music scene, and everything cool that’s part of the Los Angeles and Southern California lifestyle.

Sean Belk is a Long Beach, CA native and community journalist with a passion for the environment, science, and the “green” economy. He maintains his own news blog “Eye On Ecology.” Other publications he has written for include: the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the Seal Beach Sun Newspaper and the Long Beach Beachcomber Newspaper. Sean graduated from from Cal State University, Fullerton, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

Kristi Rimkus is the publisher of the Mother Rimmy’s Cooking Light Done Right blog. Currently she’s studying to complete her wellness and nutrition degree. She decided that many cooking blogs lacked the calorie, nutrition, and other information that people need to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Kristi’s recipes and blogs are part of the passion she embodies–both in her light cooking recipes, and to serve as an inspiration for others to improve their health.

Miles Villalon is Travelin’ Local’s newest intern, Hailing from Carson, Miles is a 20-something journalism student who has written for the Daily Breeze and few other publications. A pop culture junkie, Miles is our newest writer who will bring profiles of some of the wonderful people that makeup the landscape of Los Angeles, as well as writing about arts, entertainment and fashion.