Orange County’s Laguna Lake Park

Aug 04, 2010 by Timothy Ajioka

Fullerton is known primarily as a college town filled with middle-class suburbs, multi-cultural demographics, and a downtown bar scene that can rival any in L.A.

But, hidden away up in Northern Orange County, is a special park known to locals for its plethora of great fishing, friendly people, great nature, and clean water, Laguna Lake Park. This 28.5 acre park, located in Fullerton is great for family picnics, birthday parties, a healthy stroll, studying, fishing, or just plain getting away from the stresses of urban Orange County life.

The surrounding neighborhood and residents take pride in taking care of the lake and are friendly to all visitors on a daily basis. I have never seen Laguna Lake overcrowded on the weekends or populated with homeless or loitering teenagers. On any given day, families, kids, fishermen, and runners/bikers are the lake’s regulars, and take advantage of this lovely local spot. There are no bad lake smells, and everything around the lake, including the benches, are brand new and kept up.

The water shines beautifully with a blue-green tint which is caused by a non-toxic dye that the city puts into the water. The dye keeps the lake clean, the water temperature right, the fish healthy, and to combat any mosquitoes that might try to multiply. The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout, bass, and blue-gill fish.

Below is a gorgeous video of Orange County’s Laguna Lake Park custom produced by Tim Ajioka for Travelin’ Local:

My son and daughter often accompany their grandmother and myself for weekend outings to Laguna Lake. We’ll pack up some bottled water, some snacks, our fishing poles, and we’re off for a few hours of fun at the lake. the kids love observing all the wild life that the Lake has to offer. Many species of ducks, frogs, crawfish, tadpoles, cranes, and birds provide a natural outdoor habitat for children to experience and become close to nature which will provide them with a lifetime of memories. And when they will grow up, the cycle will probably reproduce–they’ll probably be taking their own children to the lake to enjoy life away from the city.

On a typical visit, you might end up talking to two or  three people of all varied ages and feel at home. In one visit, I had an animated talk with an excited Latino Bass fisherman, a quick conversation about the weather with an older Caucasian woman, and lastly with a little Asian kid who had a lot of facts about why worms are much better to use than cheese for fish bait. Imagine that! All of these interesting people, and the park still isn’t overcrowded.

In addition to a having a beautiful lake, Laguna Lake Park is also the site of the Equestrian Center. It’s home to the Fullerton Recreation Riders, and the center is equipped with riding rings, show rings, and grandstand seating.

For a city park, this is definitely one of North Orange County’s hidden gems.

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