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Mt. Washington’s Moon Canyon and Heidelberg Parks

Sep 01, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If you’re looking for a new place to hike in Los Angeles County, that’s not too far off the beaten path: then look no further than both Moon Canyon and Heidelberg Parks at Mt. Washington.

It doesn’t happen often enough that the city, with all of its land holdings, grants land to the public for their benefit; but that’s exactly what happened in 2003 when the Los Angeles City Council set aside $550,000 to protect a 4.5 acre canyon for an open-space park.

Developers had planned on building 18 homes with an adjacent parking lot, but residents, environmentalists, and open-space advocates fought their construction plans and prevailed.

Now the parks are available for enjoyment and hikes in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains via Northeast LA.

When researching this article, I found a source purporting that it’s kind of creepy hiking in this area at night, “according to rumors the area is haunted by the Native Americans who used to live there.

Across the street from Moon Canyon is Heidelberg Park, the second large natural park permanently protected by the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy in the Mount Washington area. It’s one of the last Southern California’s location’s for black walnut woodlands; and there’s also over 100 species of birds residing there.

Heidelberg Park provides a rare glimpse of the natural appearance of Mount Washington prior to European settlement of the Los Angeles basin. The park’s steep slopes have harbored one of the best remaining examples of California black walnut woodland in all of Southern California. The California Department of Fish and Game ranks the ecological community as “very threatened.” Source: Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy

If you’d like to visit either Moon Canyon or Heidelberg Park, here’s the link to their location.

After all, living in the city doesn’t always mean you have to be in the city while you’re in the city………………

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