Mini Breaks at Home

Feb 26, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Mike Helming

This is a guest post by Mike Cliffe-Jones. who publishes his influential blog over at Mike’s Life.

Mike’s is passionate and dedicated to help other bloggers and social media professionals how to best achieve the results they’re after, what blogging is all about, and is committed to helping them be successful in every sense of the word.

When Mike isn’t busy writing for his own website, he’s well known in the blogging community through his influential and thought provoking eBooks, practical tips, and for those of us involved in the fast paced world of the always challenging and changing landscape of blogging, bloggers, and social media, for them, Mike’s commitment to help others get to where they want to be, makes his work valued and followed by many.

Oh yeah, in his spare time, Mike writes books along the way..

Although, I’m recently new in following Mike, I realized right away that as the Publisher of Travelin’ Local, Mike’s advice was helpful from the get-go. So without further adieu, the following is Mike’s guest post for today:

Mini Breaks at Home

In many ways we’re lucky –  we live on the Canarian Island of Lanzarote, just off the coast of Saharan Africa, and are probably blessed with the best weather in the world. Tourism is, as you would expect, the largest industry here, and on every single day of the year there are more tourists on the island than residents.

It means that we’re well set up for mini breaks, and we create a number of different breaks for ourselves, which gets us away from the daily grind we face as full time writers.

Walking in Lanzarote

The Blogger’s Picnic

We do two or three of these a week. Any bloggers reading this will know how easy it is to spend your whole life in front of the PC. We decided six months ago that we’d enjoy lunch in the fresh air as often as we good, and christened these blogger’s picnics!

We don’t do anything fancy, simply grab a rug, make some sandwiches and a drink and take them all to the beach or into the mountains. We’ll eat and catch up, then spend half an hour reading. It’s a fantastic middle of the day break, and I always come back to the PC with renewed energy and ideas.

Princesa Yaiza Hotel Playa Blanca

The Luxury Break

At least twice a year we check into on of the five star hotels (there are four) on the island for a weekend. They all have fabulous spas, great food and impeccable service. We get a resident’s rate, and combine it with a late booking deal, so the price is reasonable, although we always end up spending a fortune on room service!

The idea here is a total pamper. No work, just exercise and relaxation, with lots of good food, and at least two books to read.

Camp Site La Graciosa

The Camping Break

This is a terrific stress buster! There are two camp sites we use – and both are very remote, right on the beach and have no phone signal or Wi-fi. One of them is on a neighbouring island we can kayak to.

These breaks costs nothing, and we deliberately totally fend for ourselves, just spending the days walking, cooking a meal over a small gas stove and going to bed early. It’s a total disconnect from the real world.

As well as the things I’ve mentioned above, we spend a lot of time walking, surfing, swimming, diving and sailing at the weekends. If you live in paradise, you have to make the most of it!

Mike Cliffe-Jones is a full time writer. He shares his life and work with the community that has developed around his blog Mike’s Life. He’s also co-author of the best selling book Beyond Blogging.

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