As many of you know, I’m a big fan of the LA Metro system.  It’s not perfect, but it’’s definitely a better, more efficient, affordable, relaxing, and green alternative to automobiles.  And they’re adding new lines, improvements, and other features all the time.

You can virtually follow me on the Google Map below. 

By doing so you’ll be visiting and going to the same places and areas where I go when using the Metro system. 99% of the time, I end up more rested and relaxed by using and traveling via the Metro.

When Travelin’ Local vis mass transit, I’ve highlighting the different sights to see at each metro stop.

Each marker on this map represents various locations I have visited, photographed, and written about here on Travelin’ Local.

As I’m mapping the Metro and all of its various arrival and departure points, I’ll be adding more sights from each stop I go and will accordingly update this map. I hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of Los Angeles.

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Metro Orange Line

Free Park and Ride with the Los Angeles Metro


Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Free parking is included in the Metro’s Park and Ride Lots throughout the City, and they’re all part of, and connected to, a Metro location.

Why own a Car but also use the Metro?

Simple and to-the-point— Metro’s Park and Ride is a go-between for drivers who prefer to combine modes of [...]

Google Maps

The Los Angeles Metro is now on Google Maps

Just in time for the  4th of July weekend—now anybody can effortlessly access Los Angeles Metro routes simply by using Google Maps. This has been in the works for quite some time and now the service is live.

The coverage is world-wide also. LA Metro is now part of a network of 412 cities worldwide that [...]

Long Beach Train

Metro Monday’s Tour Maps

Last week, I had an enlightening email exchange with one of my readers who is soon traveling to California to visit his children.

He doesn’t live here, so he isn’t very familiar with the LA Metro system, but nonetheless loves the idea of using Metro wherever he goes. He had so many questions!

How walkable are the [...]

Big Blue Books

Big Blue Boasts Better Bus Stops

As the need for additional Metro and Blue lines increases, the Los Angeles Metro and the Santa Monica Blue Bus’ are meeting their ridership challenges, and at the same time creating new and improved transit gateways.

Over 300 Big Blue Bus transit stops and shelters will be redesigned with the following taken into consideration:

Create [...]

Metro Monday

The Los Angeles Metro Subway

Because I took the Los Angeles Subway home after finishing my Downtown walking tour, I thought it would make for a great story for today’s Metro Monday. Along with over 200 bus lines, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has four Metro Rail Lines.

Los Angeles Metro Subway Background

With about 14 million people in the greater Los [...]

1 trillion miles

1 Trillion Vehicle Miles Traveled in 2009

Based on the last 1998 Los Angeles County Profile Study, prepared by the California Department of Transportation, the Southern California Association of Governments, and other State agencies, by extrapolation, if there was an estimated vehicle miles traveled of 76,973,000,000 or just about 77 billion miles traveled annually in 1998, then using a conservative multiplier of [...]

Metro 761

10 Reasons to Use Mass Transit

On Thursday morning, another sunny and beautiful Los Angeles Spring day greeted me, so I decided that I wanted to go to a museum.

I then checked the list on the Free Museum Days link on Travelin’ Local, and discovered that the Skirball Cultural Center, is free to the public every Thursday.

Although I’m going to the [...]

Olympic Boulevard

Metro Monday - Downtown Koreatown

On Friday, with the sun already peeking through my window, I decided to go to Koreatown to get some good Kimchi, check out the sights, take some pictures, and do a little shopping.

There is certainly no shortage of good food, interesting people, architecture, appealing shopping malls, and scenes to enjoy and to take note of in Los Angeles, so I hopped on the Metro Rapid 728[...]

Don't forget, Bike to Work Week starts today

The Metro, LADWP, and Alternative Fuel

For today’s Metro Monday article, I’ll begin at the ending of my trip last week, via the “534 Express” to Malibu, California.

Last time, I started my route in Santa Monica.

However, this time, upon my return, I rode the 534 Express from Malibu, taking Interstate 10 to the end of the line at Washington Blvd. and Fairfax and Fairfax Ave.

That’s called efficiency![...]

“Fast. Frequent. Fabulous.”

Travelin’ Local’s Metro Monday – “Fast. Frequent. Fabulous.”

I’ll be featuring a new weekly column section on Travelin’ Local, called Metro Monday.

Every Monday, after I select the destination for my Travelin’ Local story, I’ll take the specific Metro ride to and from my destination. As part of the story, I’ll share with you my experiences on that particular bus ride, and telling [...]

I like Bikes

Bikes and Mass Transit are changing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, like many other cities worldwide, is trying to implement across-the-board alternative modes of eco- friendly transportation and mass transit, to improve our quality of life.

In Southern California, all new mass transit and strategies for transportation improvement, must also take into account their costs, economies of scale, and environmental impacts that any new program [...]

The end of the Trail

Springin’ into action on the Metro’s Orange Line Bicycle Path

With the hint of spring in the air last weekend, I decided to ride a bike trail I’ve had my eye on, the Metro Orange Line Bicycle Path.

After having gone through a major clean-up effort, the Orange Line Trail looks great, and rides even better.

I didn’t ride the entire trail, but entered it via the [...]


A Day for Talking Bikes

Are you into bicycling? Do you like a casual ride on the weekends? How about commuting to work via a bike? Maybe you want to live a car-free life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the LA Bike Summit was the place to be on this recent Saturday.

I discovered this event at the [...]