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Media Kit

Travelin’ Local are the “New Kids on the Block.” We’re an online magazine that’s different and fresh. We cover and track new trends from “Los Angeles to San Diego and everything in between.”

Our media package is geared for smart, up-and-coming, and established companies, institutions, and organizations that want to control and brand their image by collaborating with Travelin’ Local to reach those various demographic segments which will be the most receptive to your message, campaign, product, idea, and services.

In today’s current economic environment, people are rightfully careful in their purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to where they visit, what they buy, and how they dine, shop, and decide to spend their time and money. With our 100% original lifestyle reporting, Travelin’ Local specializes in tourism, travel, shopping, culture, arts, and events brand marketing.

Travelin’ Local’s rapidly expanding business model specializes in innovative content, and then distributing and marketing our travel, tourism, and lifestyle messages utilizing the efficiencies of the Internet and social media, with elegance and sophistication.

We help your clients and customers by directing them toward your business or venue as they learn about the many varied, and beautiful physical, cultural, and other places and things to do in Southern California.

Our Story can be your Story

As the message is in the medium and the medium is our online magazine dedicated to the

Southern California Urban Lifestyle

To download our Media Kit Brochure in PDF, click here.