Mark your Calendars: The Great California ShakeOut is Coming (again)!

Oct 14, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Are you ready for the Big One? As you hopefully recall, not too long ago, Travelin’ Local reported on this important event previously.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, several of my family and friends expressed concern and worry for me living here, because of our propensity to have some pretty serious earthquakes–you know the part where LA is one day supposed to fall into the ocean.

Can it happen?

I hope not, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Which is why The Great California ShakeOut is now an important component of instructions and “what ifs” for California’s citizens to be better prepared in the event of an earthquake–big and small.

Next Thursday, October 21st at 10:21am, you can join millions of Californians by participating in the largest earthquake drill in US history!

Even in the short time I’ve lived here, I’ve felt a small earthquake. I have to admit, even though it was small, feeling it really hit home the possibility of what a bigger one is capable of.

Now is the time to practice what you would do doing an earthquake.

It’s called:



Hold on!

Without any notice, an earthquake can strike:

If you’d like to know where you can go to participate in next Thursday’s The Great California Shakeout drills, here’s the link to the schools, businesses, and other organizations, where you can participate.

Part of being prepared is knowledge–so this is an extremely serious matter and will definitely improve your chances to get through this natural disaster that unfortunately, is endemic to living in California.

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One Response to “Mark your Calendars: The Great California ShakeOut is Coming (again)!”

  1. Cindy Cotter says:

    California won’t fall into the sea, but here’s the interesting thing: Most of California is part of the North American Plate, but our little bit of it is part of the Pacific Plate. The San Andreas fault is the demarcation between the two. In a real sense we’re ALREADY part of the ocean.


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