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Posted on November 20th, 2009 at 10:23 am by LisaNewton


Travelin’ Local’s maps keeps our readers up-to-date on the latest cool spots, what your favorite neighborhood area/s have to see and do, and what and where those items are, and often serve as your on-line eyes and ears. We do this born of passion, which is shared by all. Indeed, the L.A. Times recognized the uniqueness of Travelin’ Local’s Walking Maps also. We get around and do a lot of things with maps; walking maps, picture maps, and even a hiking map.

Today, I’d like to introduce and share with you what we like to call a “posting map.”

It’s the culmination of almost every article written here at Travelin’ Local. When we first started publishing—which seems a long time ago, although it’s only been several months– the map seemed empty; but over the months, I’ve visited many locations, looked at unbelievable art, talked with many local Southern Californians, and along the way, taken thousands of photos, and have had the time of my life.

Better yet, and most importantly, sharing each and every visit with our readers is the ultimate joy and goal. Without you, Travelin’ Local would just be a web address—but it is not. In that our staff takes comfort, so today, we’d like nothing more than to share this map with you so that you might find a location or place that’s been on your mind, or that you might want to visit.

When viewing our online maps, all you have to do is just click on each particular icon, and the link will appear and take you directly to the story which accompanies it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing and reading it, more than I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. So let’s get started!

View Travelin’ Local Post Map in a larger map

As you can see by the map, although I’ve been to many places, but there’s a heck of lot more places and things to do, when Travelin’ Local here in Los Angeles. And in turn, this map will grow and grow.

And the best part of that process is you get to experience it with us together in real-time.

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