Mapping Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments

Oct 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Unbeknown to most here who reside in Los Angeles– we now have over 900 official Historic-Cultural Monuments throughout our fair city.

Enacted in 1962, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Ordinance, now makes possible and provides the “official stamp” for the monuments, buildings and sites that are now awarded Los Angeles landmark status.

Each city approved Historical-Cultural location, once approved with the civic acknowledgment and protection by the City of Los Angeles, becomes part of our cherished historic resources.

The entire process to achieve Historical-Cultural designation, starts with a five-member Cultural Heritage, which decides whether or not the submission qualifies for Los Angeles’ Historic-Cultural preservation and protection.

In order to achieve the title of a Historic-Cultural Monument, the following 10 requirements are both required and need to be followed:

  1. Upon receipt of an application, the Office of Historic Resources staff, reviews all documents and memorabilia submitted, and prepares an initial staff report to the larger Cultural Heritage Commission, recommending whether or not to take the nomination under formal consideration.
  2. The Cultural Heritage Commission will then conduct a formal initial hearing from the applicant/s. The Commission–which has now gone digital–encourages the applicants to show and tell via a short digital slide show at the hearing–the qualities and significance of why their proposed Monument should be considered for formal member into the club. If the application is complete and the site appears significant, the Commission will then proceed to a formal vote and nominate the submitted site for its nomination to be considered for formal consideration.
  3. The property owner is then formally notified of the nomination and its vote. Once the nomination is officially taken under consideration, a stay on demolition or substantial alteration goes into effect, while it’s still under review by the Commission and the City Council.
  4. At a subsequent meeting at the submission’s location, the Commission will then conduct a tour and visual inspection of the proposed submission,
  5. The Office of Historic Resources staff will then prepare a final staff report to the Commission; evaluating whether or not the proposed Monument meets the criteria for designation into Los Angeles’ Cultural Heritage Ordinance.
  6. The Cultural Heritage Commission conducts a hearing and votes to make a recommendation to the City Council on whether the proposed Monument meets the designated requirements which comprise the constitution of the Historic-Cultural Monument criteria.
  7. If the Commission declines the nomination, the designation process ends and the stay on demolition or alteration is lifted.
  8. If the Commission approves the nomination, the designation is referred to the City Council.
  9. The Council’s three-member Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee then holds an initial hearing as to site’s nomination in order to make a final recommendation to the City Council.
  10. The City Council, based upon the submissions of both the submitting party and the Office of Historic Preservation, and its recommendations, determines that if all the criteria is met–then they will vote to designate the property, site, or structure for inclusion onto the list of our city’s Historic-Cultural Monuments. Source: Office of Historic Resources

Have you ever wondered if you lived near any Historic-Cultural Landmarks that you might want to take through this formal process? Or maybe you’d like to visit a few?

Here is a screenshot linked to the map of all of the Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Los Angeles area:

Using both the tools on Wikipedia, and Google maps, of all of the various locations of the Historic-Cultural Landmarks in the Los Angeles area are listed.

Because these are third party maps, Google does not allow them to be embedded, so if you’d like more information, click the photo and you’ll be taken to the map:

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments on the East and Northeast Sides

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Harbor area

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in Hollywood

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Silver Lake, Angelino Heights, and Echo Park

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in South Los Angeles

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments on the Westside

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Wilshire and Westlake areas

As explained, once the entrance monument is approved in Los Angeles–that’s how it’s done and how we come to have our own History and Culture in Los Angeles!

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