Mapping Los Angeles’ Community Gardens

Nov 28, 2009 by Lisa Newton

As the gift-giving season has been, once again, bestowed upon us, nothing could be better than giving a gift that keeps on giving. Indeed, it isn’t a bad idea, not a bad idea at all. Have you ever thought about giving the gift of a garden? Its a gift that keeps growing and growing.

What’s a Community Garden?

Fruits and Vegetables

It’s a contiguous land gardened by a community of people. Los Angeles has approximately 70 community gardens, which currently provides herbs, flowers, vegetables, trees, fruits, and everything else that grow under the warm California sun. Locally 3,900 families use and benefit from their produce. With a combination of public, private, and governmental funds, community gardens are run by their members—like a co-op. Each garden has access to water–and many other necessities–including composting facilities. But they have all one thing in common–they all need and require love. That and a bountiful of “sweat equity,” do make a Community Garden both flourish, and blossom.

Community Gardens

Its Costs

All local Community Garden charge different amounts for participation; but one example I found is from Ocean View Farms, which charges its members $30.00 per plot, with a required $6.00 insurance policy. For only $36.00, you can grow your own fresh vegetables and fruits.

Is that your shovel?

To find and contribute to the Community Garden of your choice, Travelin’ Local has provided its Mapping of Los Angeles’ Community Gardens below:

View Los Angeles Community Gardens in a larger map

While we’re all transfixed about family, the Holidays, the economy, and other daily news—and with winter approaching right around the corner—gardening is probably not first on people’s list. Be that as it may, living in one of the world’s most temperate and beautiful climates, you’d be surprised that more and more people daily, are thinking about, and getting involved with Community Gardening. In LA, we can grow year round. To learn more about community gardens in Los Angeles, here’s a link to get you started.

As spring will soon be here, maybe you’ll be next to plant your seed, and continue to grow your local roots.

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2 Responses to “Mapping Los Angeles’ Community Gardens”

  1. Davina says:

    Hi Lisa. I love the idea of a community garden. There is one about a 10-minute walk from my apartment that I’d considered joining. Since I don’t own a vehicle I decided it would be just too much to try to carry supplies back and forth. I often find myself walking by during the summer months to admire everyone’s gardens.
    Davina´s last blog ..Where Did that Crummy Paddle Go? My ComLuv Profile


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Davina, All of the photos here were taken at a small garden not too far from my house. I too, love walking past, seeing the different slant people put on their gardens, what they are growing, the different plants they choose to plant, and the various additions they put in.

    Each plot tells its own story.


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