Malibu Tiles throughout Westwood Village

Jun 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Since coming to California, I’ve fallen in love with what is known as a form of tile that’s ubiquitous throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, aptly named, Malibu Tile.

After visiting the Adamson House, I look for its various tiles while I’m working on a story. Indeed, it ‘s all over the city and is used as house numbers, door border decorations, garden enhancements, public art, tile inlays, building facades, planters, and especially on step landings.

Yesterday, while walking in Westwood Village, I came across a small group of shops housed in a building decorated with rows and rows of Malibu Tiles. At the tri-corner of Broxton Avenue, Kinross Avenue, and Westwood Boulevard, I found a unique and cool blend of color, design, and history:

It’s a commercial building but, it’s Malibu Tile design and work is dazzling.

There’s no story for this building’s archway because I couldn’t find one. Nonetheless, one important lesson I learned when I discovered this, is that you never know what you’ll find once you really open your eyes and see, not look.

As urban dwellers, we typically pick a local building in our local neighborhood, that has some characteristics that often catches our eye. So the next time you pass by a dazzling fountain, style of architecture, or something as common as a building’s set-back, take a few minutes to truly appreciate it.

The details, the color, the shapes, and the pattern all come to life; and all become a part of your urban space. So make it yours.

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