Making Rain in Palm Springs

Nov 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

When you think of Palm Springs, one word that doesn’t come to mind is rain.

Having only about 14 days of rain per year, if it rains while you happen to visit it would be surprising.

Why am I talking about rain and Palm Springs?

Just as you enter the famous downtown area of Palm Springs, you’re greeted by a very large public art piece entitled, Rainmaker.

Created by artist David Curt Morris, Rainmaker starts with a small pond:

And then weaves its way to the end where it literally makes rain. Although the trees are blocking it in this shot, here’s what the end looks like:

Taller than the neighboring palm trees, each of these colored tubes drop water at random intervals. Although hard to capture the wonder on film, I hope these two shots give you an idea of how it looks:

Just sitting on the sidelines listening to the water, with the backdrop of the mountains, creates a welcome respite from the shopping to come. BTW, speaking of shopping and Palm Springs, if possible, when you plan your trip, try to go on a Thursday.

On each Thursday, Villagefest transforms downtown Palm Springs with a diverse array of artists, artisans, entertainers, purveyors of fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, jewelry, snacks and sweets.

Add all that to the great shops, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues located along the world famous Palm Canyon Drive, and you’ll have a night of cool fun in the desert.

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