Los Angeles’ World Peace Bell

Oct 26, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Inside Maguire Gardens, a small park surrounding the Central Library is the World Peace Bell.


Inscribed on the Plaque located beneath the Bell

The World Peace Bell is an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. The bell is cast from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represents a common bond among the nations of the world.

The World Peace Bell Association, based in Tokyo, Japan, works closely with the United Nations in an effort to develop friendly relations among nations and raise awareness about the importance of international cooperation. The goal of the Association is to provide a World Peace Bell to all nations of the world in order to promote a worldwide synergy of peace and understanding that will safeguard the futures of the world’s children.

The World Peace Bell is rung annually by the United Nations Secretary General on the opening of the General Assembly in a prayer for world peace.

The World Peace Bell is hereby dedicated to the people and the City of Los Angeles as a lasting tribute to the commitment of world peace and international understanding.

Los Angeles was the second city in the USA to be honored with the World Peace Bell; the other honorary was New York City, where the Bell is located at the United Nations. The inaugural date for the World Peace Bell in LA, was dedicated on January 26, 2001.

To date, the World Peace Bell Association has placed five World Peace Bells in Japan– where the Association originated–and added one in fifteen other countries around the world.


LA World Peace Bell

“It was hoped that people all over the world would think deeply about peace and that this day would be a day to consider peace. Peace is our common dream. We ring this bell each year as a symbol of our faith that this dream can come true, that this goal can be attained.” Source: The World Peace Bell Association

Travelin’ Local honors this commitment and symbolism in the hope that one day that this dream comes to pass.

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3 Responses to “Los Angeles’ World Peace Bell”

  1. Debi says:

    Very cool, and I join you in your hope. Have you heard of the book “Give Peace a Deadline”? While it takes a few hits on Amazon for being overly optimistic, I think you might enjoy it.


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Debi, Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll look for it.

    In the park, the bell is located in a restful place, causing a pause to think about the big issues.


  2. O. Bisogno Scotti says:

    I recently photographed the World Peace
    Bell. I paused…I thought…I photographed.


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