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Los Angeles Times hits a New Low by having an entire Advertisement for their Front Page

Sep 29, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Imagine picking up one of our country’s leading newspaper’s, from one of the largest city’s in the world, and to your chagrin, after reading the front page’s salacious headlines and strange layout, you realize that it’s an advertisement!

It’s enough to make you cringe. Well, that’s exactly what happened today.

The headline for the fake Front Page of the LA Times reads “Media Icon Hit By Crime Wave,” replete with the sub-headers that the “City demands more law and order,’ and that “Burglars inflict half a million in damage.”

Accompanying this monstrous idiocy, is after a few minutes you realize that the front page of the LA Times today was 2 pages of Advertisement!

Specifically, by allowing NBC to promote Law & Order – Los Angeles, on their front pages, the LA Times has breached any reasonable protocols of right and wrong as it applies to reporting, the media, and the newspaper publishing business.

To make matters worse, the front advertising page, is laid out with the bottom half appearing to be in the graphical form of a tear, or collage from the fake story to pictures of the cast of the television show.

I realize times are tough in the newspaper biz, but to taint the Front Page News with an advertisement also taints the entire LA Times organization. And I’m not the only who thinks so.

Here’s the Fake Los Angeles Front Page:

Here’s the real Los Angeles Front Page on Page 3

Perhaps the LA Times management, editorial, and sales staff think that we readers are just suckers, or that they have a lock on the LA market, or that we simply have to suck it up because they need the money.

But for most people, it’s not a reasonable nor responsible way for a major newspaper to conduct itself, nor how it prints its daily edition.

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