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Los Angeles State Historical Park

Jan 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Situated in the middle of an old, industrial section of Los Angeles, is the Los Angeles State Historical Park. Located close to the Chinatown Metro, it’s an open space paradise, especially for walkers and joggers. With the cityscape right behind, and the San Gabriel Mountains on the horizon, the Los Angeles State Historical Park is a jewel for all to enjoy.

Please take a couple of minutes, and view the video below of the history of Los Angeles’ State Historical Park, which includes; an Indian campsite, the Zanja Madre, a Spanish dug irrigation canal, and the area’s first railroad station, the Southern Pacific Railroad River Station, which opened in 1875.

So enough reading for now, let’s watch:

Reaching back into our history always helps us to better understand our ever-changing urban landscape and its impact.

With that in mind, the Los Angeles State Historical Park now includes 32 acres of land, which is crisscrossed with walking and jogging paths that circumnavigate the park. It’s perfect for kite flying, a family picnic, or just a stroll in the park. With its great views of downtown on one side, and the San Gabriel Mountains on the other, it’s a California State Park, located literally where you wouldn’t expect one–in the heart of the city.

Now for the photos:

Hotel Markers

Reflecting its age-old vanished railroad history, rows of recyled glass now mark the approximate shape of the Pacific Hotel, which opened in 1879, surrounded by the path traveled by thousands of people who arrived by train to Los Angeles over a century ago.

Wildflowers in LA

A portion of the Los Angeles State Historical Park is still under development. In the interim, the front 16 acres have been developed, but the back portion of the park has an urban wilderness to it during its redevelopment. After the recent rains, the roughness has dissipated, and created a full bloom of color and foilage.

Take a Walk

The perfect place for walking, relaxation, and exercise.

Los Angeles State Historical Park

With the Gold Line Metro on the right and downtown Los Angeles in close proximity, you can see just how large this park is.

Not too many cities can boast a State Park right in their own backyard, so Los Angeles is fortunate in this regard. So why not pack up your walkin’ clothes and visit, because there’s more to see, do, and enjoy:

Farmlab and the Los Angeles State Historical Park

Farmlab is a local organization “dedicated to the preservation and perpetuity of all living things.”And it has a rather unique display outside their offices, which are located across the street from the park.


Now this is what I call an excellent use of a non-recycled car. To be sprinkled and inserted with live, springing green, and wildflowers galore, this car is just sitting there waiting for me to be captivated by its reincarnation.

Blooming Car

Farmlab–in partnership with the Los Angeles State Historical Park– has cultivated a unique field of wildflowers right across the street from the Park. Through Farmlab’s generosity then, LASHP’s landscape is filled with multi-hued colored displays of green, pink, orange, and yellow foliage, flowers, and landscaping.

Its amazing what a little thought and creativity can do.

Below is a wonderful slide-show that captures more of the beauty, grace, and features of the Angeles State Historical Park:

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  1. Ebie says:

    I have not visited this park yet, but I’ve seen and heard about this. So many places to see, so little time.
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    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Ebie, I totally agree. My list of places to visit just gets longer and longer.


  2. LASHP says:

    Thanks for the write up. If you are interested you should check out our park blog which can be found at


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @LASHP, Actually, your blog, which I enjoy, is linked to the above article several times. :)


    LASHP Reply:

    @LisaNewton, My apologies, I don’t know how I missed that.


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