Los Angeles is full of Stress Relievers

Posted on September 9th, 2009 at 4:15 am by LisaNewton

Los Angeles is full of Stress Relievers

In a recent article published by Forbes, they ranked Los Angeles as the second most stressful city to live in. To determine their rankings of the “most” stressful cities, Forbes—using Federal data– analyzed factors including sleep, air quality, drop in home price values, unemployment percentages, as well as the ratio of sunny days per year to non sunny days in order to determine each cities ranking– from most stressful to least.

To be sure, living in Los Angeles can be stressful. For starters, just get on the freeway at rush hour or read the front page news in the LA Times; sometimes you can cut the stress in the air with a knife:

Housing prices are down, unemployment is up, jobs are scarce, people are grouchy, there’s no money, no time, and not much energy.

However, when in turn, I asked my followers on Twitter why they loved living in LA, I received responses like these:

Shelley Rae

@LisaNewton the WEATHER of course (does living in Long Beach count)?



@LisaNewton – the opportunities, the weather, the amount of stuff do to nearby, the beach, la tech.



@LisaNewton Easy: The weather & the beaches ;)



@LisaNewton Besides everything?


So while it is indeed stressful living in Los Angeles there’s a flipside as well. Just have a look:

“Fishing in the City”

Los Angeles Historic Walks

The Hollywood Reservoir

A Guide to Walking the Venice Canals in Los Angeles

This is only a tiny sample of the things that we do, the stories we write, the places we go, and many of the other great treasures and unique institutions that makes living and Travelin’ Local in Los Angeles, the reasons we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Travelin’ local offers you the best that our city offers–it’s all here. You just have to know where to look. With the addition of our exciting Mapping Los Angeles Public Art project, you’ll be able to find those places easier as well. We’re here to serve you Los Angeles. We want you to go out and enjoy the city you call home.

Stress is here, but stress relievers abound.

It’s just waiting for you–so let’s get out there, Los Angeles, and lower our “stress!”

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