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Los Angeles’ commitment to Electric Cars

Dec 13, 2009 by Lisa Newton

As taught in any art history class, each art movement was based on the previous ones. This metaphor is an important component when it comes to the transition of automobiles from all gasoline based power–to the hybrid; and eventually all electric. At the recent LA Auto show, this trend was on display—both literally as well as physically.

Indeed, many of the cars featured were either hybrid based—a combination of gasoline, bio-diesel, hydrogen, and electric—or totally electric.

Electric Charging Station

In a plan announced a few days ago, Mayor Villaraigosa said the city intends to update 400 existing charging stations around the region while adding 100 new ones. The permitting and inspection process for the stations will be streamlined, local building codes could be revised to encourage more charging options and utilities will develop a specialized customer service process to deal with electric vehicle owners.

Electric vehicle owners have plenty of incentives through the plan, which probably would give them tax rebates to construct home charging stations, as well as access to high-occupancy-vehicle lanes and preferential or free parking.

According to the mayor, the plan would help lure battery and charging station manufacturers to Los Angeles while creating green jobs, attracting clean-tech investment, reducing dependence on foreign oil and making the city a quieter place. Source: LA Times

Tesla Motors

Both the political and business communities support the all electric car concept; but there still remains at least 5 major obstacles to its implementation:

Ultimately, the success of electric cars will depend on being able to meet the needs and costs for each consumer target market:

If I had $110,000 to spend on a car–any car of my choice–I would be heading straight to Tesla Motors, and purchase a Tesla Roadster. Although it only gets 200 miles per charge; I would be able to drive it across country. Believe it or not, it’s not only possible, it’s going to be done.  I plan on following their progress.

On the other hand, if I wanted a lower priced electric car that can go greater distances—as it combines gas–the upcoming Chevrolet Volt is a great choice. With 40 miles per change and a couple of hundred more via a “range-extending gas engine,”–and priced at an estimated cost of $40,000–it’s still expensive.

Chevrolet Volt

The bottom line is that as technology improves, costs go down. Also, as innovation changes and it becomes the norm, costs come down as well.

As the old adage reminds us, nothing in life is free–or easy. But implementing and creating a new paradigm for an all-electric car future for Los Angeles, California, the nation, and the world, is something that we’ll be reporting about on a regular basis.

Travelin’ Local and our readers are committed to green and eco-friendly changes that make common sense.

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