Los Angeles’ 59 Swimming Pools

May 17, 2009 by Lisa Newton

The City of Los Angeles, Recreation and Parks Department, Aquatics Division offers a schedule full of family activities that are healthy, affordable and safe.

They operate, manage, and maintain 59 swimming pools, 10 lakes, and a beach, every single one has its own programs and schedules, including exercise classes for seniors, lifeguard training, swim lessons for children, aqua-jogging lanes, swim meets for high schools and other age groups, lap swimming, diving, special needs facilities, event hosting, and well, best of all—swimming pools, both in and outdoor ones.

The City of Los Angeles Aquatics Division definitely has its work cut out for itself; but they do a great job.

In addition, the city operates 11 open water facilities which are open year round, offering fishing, paddle boating and small craft programs.  (Beach Lifeguards are under the auspices of the County of Los Angeles).

Family Fun

Water is a great equalizer. It supports body weight, and with proper flotation devices, most anyone can exercise in the water no matter what the physical disability.

When Travelin’ Local be sure to check locally at various YMCA’s, recreation centers, and other pools for opportunities in your area, or click on the USA Swimming Web site to learn more. In addition to recreational swimming, the United States Paralympics Swim Team offers athletes with disabilities the opportunity to compete internationally in swimming. Swimming is an activity for virtually anyone who has the will and desire to do so.

There you have it

Swimming is an activity that builds strength, endurance, and muscle tone. It’s an activity that you can do all year long, inside or outside, it burns lots of calories, and you can share it with your family. It’s low-impact (just in case your bones are creaky), and you can do it until you’re 100! It’s not too late to start if you never learned how (learning new stuff is cool even when you’re adult!), and for those of you who can swim and would like to compete, that’s available as well.

Back in the Day

When I was a kid, growing up in a small town, we didn’t have any pool facilities. If we wanted to swim, basically the only option was to go to the nearby town which had a YMCA. Due to this fact, I didn’t get to swim as often as I would have liked.

In fact, one of my family lore is a yarn about how I learned to swim when my father put me in the pool and said “Swim.” I was only able to swim most times during our family trips which consisted of our annual camping or weekend road trips.

Of course, I have many fond memories of playing in the pool with my friends and family.

It’s great to have so many pools found while Travelin’ Local, especially with so many different programs available.

However, living in Southern California now, I can within minutes travel to a beach, pool, lake, or spa of my choosing. All in all, swimming is a winner, and if you have the inclination, I suggest that you go for it! The swimming season’s almost here and I can’t wait:

The water's fine!!

How about you? What “water activities” do you and/or your families have planned? By Travelin’ Local, you’re always sure to find a local watering hole to have fun.

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9 Responses to “Los Angeles’ 59 Swimming Pools”

  1. Lance says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Water! And pools…

    I’m currently swimming once a week (started a couple of weeks ago) at a pool at a local high school, lap swimming. In preparation for a triathlon coming up this summer. And…swimming is the most difficult event for me. My kids love the water too. Not so much just to swim, but to play. The big attraction around here is Wisconsin Dells – which has a plethora of water parks, both indoor and out – and hotels with waterparks, and campgrounds with waterparks. It’s a great family place to go – especially in the long winter months!

    LA sounds like a great place to find swimming at – very cool! Enjoy!!

    Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day


  2. Kim says:

    I personally am not a fan of the pool.. It just dries my skin up..I prefer the ocean when I can get the chance to get in it.. But I have the boys in swim classes now so that they learn to respect the water..and they are more than pumped up to go have my moms pool open this year.. :)

    Kim’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – The Over Kill Addition


  3. David says:

    As a lifelong competitive swimmer and an enthusiast, these pictures are a feast for my eyes.

    BTW, ask any kid in the summertime–especially in the urban city–and they’ll tell you it’s more than heaven–it literally is for them.

    Also learning how to swim is among one of the more important life lessons a person can have.


  4. LisaNewton says:

    @ Lance Wow, a triathlon? I’m impressed. It takes a lot of strength and endurance to do a triathlon. I look forward to updates on your progress and race.

    I haven’t heard of the Wisconsin Dells, but it sounds like a great family fun place. Have you taken your family there?

    @ Kim I know what you mean about the dry skin, but when the ocean isn’t available, it’s great to be able to swim in a pool. I remember when I was a kid, my family went to Myrtle Beach, SC, and stayed at a camp ground right on the beach. We’d go swimming in the ocean, and then, to wash the salt off, we’d jump in the pool. It was great.

    I’m sure your boys will enjoy the summer fun at your mother’s pool.

    @ David In an upcoming post, I’ll talk about the largest public pool here, where schools can hold their PE classes and learn how to swim. I think it’s great……………:)


  5. Lisa's Chaos says:

    I bet every one of those water places are busy all summer long too. :)

    We swim when we’re in motels which is a lot but that’s about it around here. When I go the Y – well I haven’t used either of their two pools yet, I go towards racquetball. Even my Pilates class – I signed up for the water one, but there wasn’t enough interest so I had to go with regular pilates. :)

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Macro Monday: My favorite shape


  6. LisaNewton says:

    @ Lisa’s Chaos Kids, summer, and the pool always go together. With the many activities offered at the various pools, I’m sure they are busy all summer long. The beauty of LA is that outdoor pools can be used almost all year round.

    I’m surprised there wasn’t much interest in a water based pilates. That sounds like fun……..:)


  7. D. Travis North says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of water sports! I had no idea LA was so well endowed with public water facilities! I’m really jealous. when I was younger, I was a competition swimmer – long distance and Breaststroke. I long to get back into it one day, but year-round (indoor) pools are few and far between up here in the northeast (for obvious reasons) – and they’re expensive clubs to join. Most are at least $40 per month for non-profits, $60 and up for privates. One day I’ll have the cash.

    PS – That first shot of Lane 4 is pretty awesome. Aside from the technical aspects behind the photo itself, an experienced swimmer can learn a lot from that shot: 8 lane pool, fast gutter system, possibly a movable island, good starting surface. That’s a pool I’d like to swim – I bet it’s fast.

    D. Travis North’s last blog post..Predict the Moon for Better Photos


  8. Lance says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Yes, we have taken the kids to Wisconsin Dells – probably about once a year. It’s considered the waterpark capital of the world. Winter is a favorite time to go to one of the hotels that have an indoor waterpark – it’s like a little bit of summer in the dead of winter…

    Of course, you’ve got the ocean, the real thing…which is hard to rival!

    Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day


  9. LisaNewton says:

    @ D. Travis North I was a little surprised at the number of pools myself. It’s great that there’s a day price available so monthly fees aren’t necessary.

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on the photo. It means a lot coming from a great photographer like yourself………:)

    @ Lance Spending a weekend at a hotel, especially one with a waterpark is such a great getaway, especially in the winter. I bet the kids have a great time.


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