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Let’s Celebrate National Pie Day Today in Los Angeles

Jan 23, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Just in case you weren’t aware of it yet, today, January 23, 2011 is National Pie Day, not to be confused with the other National Pi Day, which is actually in March, and has to with mathematics.

Today celebrates pies–all kinds of pies:

apple pie, pecan pie, meat pie, and my personal favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie, you name it!

By the time I was 10, my Father said my pies were better than my Mother’s. Although a family tradition for many holiday tables, pie can be enjoyed any day of the year.

Just think, warm, flaky crust, rich filling, and melt in your month delicious.

But, where can you find a great pie in Los Angeles?

Through my exhaustive research, I discovered several modes and methods for a great LA pie.

Would you like a pie delivered to your door?

Two companies will do just that:

  • Porch Pies, which specializes in “Southern Delicacies”
  • Suga’ Pies, which specializes in “Heavenly Homemade Pies”

Food Trucks, a very popular LA alternative, also have a stand out option in the pie category:

However, if you don’t want the pie to come to you, you can always go to the pie. To help you find the best places in Los Angeles, I created a Map Of Pies where it maps the top 15 restaurants that serve pie.

Of course, many of these restaurants also serve other food–but their pies helps them to have that wow factor!

View Top 15 Pie Restaurants in Los Angeles in a larger map

And for those of you who live in the Valley, you’ll be happy to see several restaurants in your area.

Now, let them eat pie……………………….

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

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