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Let’s Pitch in and clean up Downtown LA

Jun 05, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If you’re a follower of Travelin’ Local, you know that we’re huge fans of the Downtown Broadway Theatre Corridor, where the nation’s largest concentration of historic theatres are in one place.

It has, among other attractions, twelve theatres, all with a colorful historical past that are being brought back to life through the Bring Back Broadway city initiative.

Next week, on Saturday, June 12, 2010, City Councilman José Huizar—and the Bringing Back Broadway organization, a public-private partnership, plan to keep their dream alive and focus on their ambitious ten-year plan to “revitalize the historic Broadway district between 2nd Street and Olympic Boulevard,” and will be hosting this Downtown Broadway Community Clean-up event.

The goals of this effort:

  • Sweep and dispose of trash and debris from street, sidewalks, and alleys
  • Paint sidewalk planters and plant flowers
  • Remove graffiti, gum, and stickers
  • Help spiff up the neighborhood

Los Angeles has a wealth and abundance of famous areas that are vital to preserve for our generation as well as others–and the Broadway Theatre Corridor is but just one example.

The art deco and famous theatres there date back to the early 1900s but are now are mostly vacant or sparsely used, and are in dire need for rehabilitation.

Although currently the area is not high on most tourists to-go lists, the Broadway corridor if successful, will showcase what was once the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and this clean-up effort is one way to pitch in and make a difference.

Between 8am-12pm, everyone is invited to get involved–so get your plastic gloves and work pants ready; and don’t forget to bring your elbow grease.

If you’re interested, everyone will be meeting at the Wurlitzer Building, at 814 S. Broadway, for job assignments.

For doing well and doing good, breakfast, lunch, water, and all the tools and supplies you’ll need will be provided.

Although advance reservations are not required (you can just show up and start working), to help the organizers be able to plan for the meals and supplies, they’re requesting that all volunteers RSVP through their Facebook page, or send an email with your name and the number of people in your group, to or call 213-978-3020.

To read about the scope, size, importance, goals, and people and organizations involved in the Bringing Back Broadway project, their website BringingBackBroadway is a great place to learn more.

See you there.

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2 Responses to “Let’s Pitch in and clean up Downtown LA”

  1. DTLA Resident says:

    I doubt that a 1 day clean up effort is going to have much impact. Not with the multitudes of pedestrians who travel and loiter on these streets, carelessly tossing trash on the sidewalk. I live here and see it every day; a lot of these people have no respect for their environment. Even the shop owners toss food on the sidewalk to feed the pigeons! How can you expect to make a lasting improvement to a situation where the antithesis of a clean city is endemic to the local population?


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @DTLA Resident, I’ve also seen what the careless of others, but if no one does anything, nothing will change. However, if a few people do something to improve their neighborhood, then maybe others will join in.

    Who knows, it could happen. :)


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