Leimert Park, Silverlake, and Echo Park are part of LA’s special Culture and Ethnicity

Mar 10, 2011 by Lisa Newton

In Los Angeles we’re fortunate to have so much diversity both culturally and ethnically in all parts of our city. Some people call it sprawl, but within the nooks and crannies lurk neighborhoods that often go unmentioned, or unnoticed, within the big picture.

It’s sad that people on the Westside don’t look Eastward, and visa versa. Because I publish Travelin’ Local, I’m able to see the best of both worlds and explore and write about all areas of our multi-clutured and multi-layered city.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, things are changing everywhere here and changing fast as gentrification and population influxes from all over are forcing once sleepy towns into seas of change, new construction, and new people with overtones of hipness, colorfulness, changed neighborhoods, and frequently changes in housing prices. During the last few years, most sections of the city have made great strides to make them over, so to speak.

Here are three videos, that although were produced a couple of years ago, highlight three areas of the city that previously used to go unnoticed–until now:

Silverlake, Leimert Park, and Echo Park.

The next time you’re in a open-minded and exploring point-of-view, get in your car, hop on your bike, or plan a trip via Metro and check these quickly changing area out.

You’ll quickly find out that they’re quickly becoming a mixture of new and old, with plenty of bohemia, culture, and ethnicity as the next layer of their Raison d’être.

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