LAPD’s New High Tech Headquarters

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 at 9:14 pm by LisaNewton

LAPD’s New High Tech Headquarters

The new Los Angeles Police Department’s headquarters adds to the ambiance, and the enduring endeavor to permanently change the literal and functional face of downtown Los Angeles. Slated to replace the old Parker Center, the current headquarters will eventually hold court for over two thousand workers.

Staff has already moved into the 5th and 7th floors, and as soon as the final details are finished, the rest of the LAPD will call this gorgeous building home–of course, the top floor is strictly reserved for the LAPD’s Police Captain and staff.

It’s a fully loaded high-tech building–including its architecture, landscape, interior design, and digitally advanced features.

The new LAPD headquarters contains top to bottom WIFI availability for officers, a 400 seat auditorium, and several large conference rooms that are equipped with large screen monitors and associated systems, to upload all kinds of digital communications and presentations.

Located in the shadows of LA’s City Hall, a fascinating part of the new LAPD building, is its Park.

Dirt walkways

Its park uses drought resistant plants and U shaped dirt sidewalks for water retention; and for the sustainability of the water aquifer. The dirt walkways’ surrounding the park, blend with nature, and tells its own story– which is one of a small but people-friendly park. But time will tell if office workers will accept and withstand the forces of nature that the park endures–the mud when rain and the morning dew occur.

Plant Terraces

The garden surrounds the building on all of its three sides, and also serves as a partial security measure because of its raised yet esthetically pleasing garden beds, palm trees, and terraced entrance–all playing their intended role of a part welcome; and a part to stay away.

Next time you’re Travelin’ Local and want to sit down and enjoy a cool breeze blowin’ through the trees, while looking at the scenery, LAPD’s new HQ park is where it’s at both literally and artistically—it’s totally refreshing and cool.

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