Koreatown, Kimchi, and Spicy Noodles

Korean Dumplings

Although I’ve had Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese food, I had not tried Korean food until today. Fortunately, for two reasons, a friend of mine has many years sampling various Korean restaurants, noodle shops, and eateries, so when I was in Koreatown, we met for lunch.


For those that are not familiar with Korean food, first of all it is typically served differently than other Asian cuisine—from the appetizers first laid out on the table from Kimchi, to Pickled Radishes, to Spicy Soy Sauce, and hot tea.

Indeed Kimchi, comes in many delectable and creative forms, from Ggakdugi (chopped radish) to Baek Kimchi (White Cabbage), it’s a delicious condiment to add to your rice.

Because this was my first experience with Korean food, I didn’t get too adventurous with my meal, so I ordered the combination plate which included rice, spicy chicken, two dumplings, and a fresh cabbage salad.

Spicy Chicken with Dumplings

I do apologize to my readers–The food was so good, I was already into my half-way point of my “mini-feast” when I suddenly realized I hadn’t taken any pictures yet.

The dumplings were to die for, big and stuffed with moist chicken and spices. Adding the spicy soy sauce, created a match made in heaven.

The sweet/spicy sauce on the chicken–flavored with just the right sweetness–was perfect for lunch. Note to self: Next time take a doggie bag home as the serving sizes are that large.

My girlfriend, who’s more experienced with Korean cuisine, ordered the spicy seafood soup. Brimming full of shrimp, mussels, squid, octopus, noodles, and a very spicy broth, she remarked that along with wanting to eat it everyday, the zesty broth was addictive as well as excellent for clearing your sinuses out.

Spicy Seafood Soup

I was surprised I liked the soup. The only fish I had previously eaten was shrimp. Octopus, squid, and mussels aren’t high on my grocery list. Prepared with a panoply of noodles, broth, and seafood was indulgent and massive.

The full meal for both of us including the tip, was under $20.00. Only in Los Angeles as the saying goes.

Next time, when I return to Koreatown, I’ll try a Korean BBQ.

Food and Travelin’ Local go together.

Stop by and visit:

Korean Dumpling
698 S. Irolo St. Suite 111
Koreatown, LA

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5 comments so far

  1. Lara

    Oh, Korean BBQ! Yes PLEASE.

    Guess it’s time for a visit to my favorite local joint. ;-)
    Lara’s last blog post..Squiggle me this.


  2. David

    The 2 dishes look absolutely delicious. I’ll have to try this place out.

    I just love Korean food. Thanks for the “hot scoop.”


  3. Paisley (Paisley Thoughts)

    How interesting. I must find out if there’s a Korean restaurant in my part of the world. The food looks delish, fresh and tasty (yes, it actually looks tasty).

    Paisley (Paisley Thoughts)’s last blog post..The Generation Gap


  4. Caroline

    Korea town is amazing here! I love the bulgoi…my favorite! Some of the dishes are really spicy! If you ever get a chance, try a Korean spa…it’s not your typical spa experience.

    Caroline’s last blog post..Soulful Sunday…angels abound


  5. LisaNewton

    I’m sorry everyone. I thought I had responded to these comments.

    @Lara I haven’t tried the BBQ yet, but after this experience, I can hardly wait.

    @David Korean Dumplings is definitely worth a visit.

    @ Paisley Thanks. It tasted better than it looks, unlike many other food photos…………..:)

    @Caroline Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it’s time to travel local to a spa.


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