King Taco: A Los Angeles Late Night Institution

Aug 01, 2009 by Lisa Newton

With its ubiquitous delivery trucks, and its Rock Star status as the late night place to eat no matter the time, King Taco, by any and all standards is a Los Angeles Institution. Indeed, after decades of after party, concert, or other event, people have been eating here all night long for decades.

King Taco’s Early Background

Founded in 1974, King Taco began its operation from a converted ice cream truck. This Mexican fast food favorite has since expanded to 20 popular locations throughout Los Angeles County. They service a wide variety of authentic Mexican foods; King Taco has been recognized by prominent food critics and has also placed within the top 100 of Hispanic Business Magazine’s “Top 500 Hispanic Businesses.”

My foray into the heart of this East Los Angeles landmark and food destination was prompted by my need to experience firsthand what people here every day and around the clock desire—fresh, authentic, Mexican food. Indeed, Mexican food lovers attribute King Taco’s success to its use of fresh ingredients and consistent quality.

Well enough talking and now I have to eat my food before it gets cold


This was a well crafted and thick Beef Burrito, the beef was cooked tender but well done, and it had a plethora of pinto beans, rice, and lots of slices and dices of onion, tomato, and cilantro. It’s wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla and with its hefty portion size– I couldn’t finish the whole thing, because I had to leave plenty of room for this:

Nachos and Cheese

Taco and Salsa

Naturally, what visit to King Taco wouldn’t be complete without nachos, cheese, and a Tacos de Carnitas, complete with salsa–muy caliente y deliciosa–very hot and delicious. Created from a secret King Taco family recipe, the salsa is made from a variety of chili’s and mixed spices that give it its unique and spicy hot flavor.

Next time, I’ll order something different as their menu is varied and affordable.

So next time your Travelin’ Local, and you get the craving for real and delicious Mexican food, stop at one of the 20 King Taco locations, where you’ll be able to eat like a King, but not pay the price of one.

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9 Responses to “King Taco: A Los Angeles Late Night Institution”

  1. Kevin says:

    That sure looks good! One thing I miss up in the frozen north is affordable Mexican food on every block. Mexican food up here is quite bland and not very spicy.

    I cook my own Mexican food often however, has me thinking of Mexican for lunch!


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Kevin, I’ve experienced the “Americanized” Mexican food. Personally, I love a little kick to my food. I bet your Mexican food is excellent!!


  2. David says:

    As a patron for many years during many a late night foray–King Taco remains one of the best places to go in Los Angeles, day or night, for their fantastic array of Mexican food.

    Great story and coverage of this true L.A. institution!


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @David, The food was very good and very reasonable. The next time I crave food at 3:00am, I’ll be heading to East LA. :)


  3. dc says:

    Lucky you are to have such a place nearby! King Taco sounds really awesome. Our best choice here is Taco Bell — NOT the same.


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @dc, Taco Bell is okay, but authentic is much better. Maybe King Taco should expand in your direction. :)


  4. DavinaH says:

    Hi Lisa. My mouth is watering looking at those cheesy natchos. Yummy! And I love tacos too; that collection of cheese and sour cream… mmmm. Good thing I’m not lactose-intolerant.


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @DavinaH, LOL…….I often wonder what it would be like to be lactose-intolerant. I’m not a big fan of milk, except for some in my coffee, but cheese and ice cream are another story. :)


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    [...] the way, a warning about this station–King Taco is across the street so be aware of your travel times and don’t forget to bring dinner [...]

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