Hiking the La Brea Loop Trail

Dec 08, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Yesterday, after waking up and realizing that it was going to be a beautiful day–replete with sunshine, clear skies, and fresh air, I was determined to enjoy the day by taking a hike to somewhere I haven’t visited here.

Not sure which trail I was going to visit, I remembered that last last week, while I was researching the story about Victoria Park, I turned in the wrong direction on La Brea and saw several people crossing the street heading up a rather steep inclined hill, leading to the base of a park trail.

As a matter of fact, it turns out that that dirt hill happens to be the entrance to the La Brea Loop Trail, which is part of the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area.

I wasn’t disappointed with my decision because I not only was able to enjoy a good work out, I also was able to enjoy the beauty of our fine city of the Angels.

My perfect afternoon jaunt included fantastic views of Los Angeles. Actually, La Brea Loop (as it’s known) isn’t very well known.

A couple of unique features of this hike are that it leads to a Park at the top of the Recreation area. And if, unlike me, you take the right fork, as soon as you cross La Brea, you’ll find a stroller friendly trail leading directly to the Park.

Also unknown by me, you can drive to the Park and start the La Brea Loop there. But, even when I discovered this, I wasn’t disappointed.

For me, part of the art of discovery is within the discovery itself.

Even though each of the icons contains a picture, there’s some other pictures that I have included as well at the bottom, just scroll your mouse over each picture:

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