Hiking Marian R. Bear Memorial Park in San Diego

Jan 26, 2011 by Lisa Newton

I tend to be a morning person. So, when I recently visited some friends in San Diego, I found myself the only one awake on that Sunday morning.

I decided that before anyone awoke, that it was a perfect time to put on my hiking shoes on and go exploring.

On previous visits to La Jolla, I passed by the entrance to Marian R. Bear Memorial Park, a few times; and because it’s close to where I was staying, the timing this Sunday morning was perfect to get in a little sight-seeing and for a bi of exercise.

Marian R. Bear Memorial Park, is part of San Clemente Canyon, which over 40 million years ago was covered by ocean. How times have changed because now it’s home to a population of resident wildlife including raccoons, skunks, rabbits, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, and serve as a pathway for coyote, fox, and other mammals.

Although I only was able to glimpse a few birds this morning, I’m not alone in knowing and appreciating my love of this place.

Along the length of the canyon are oak, sycamores, and willow trees alongside with their ever attendant undergrowth of native and other plant species. The canyon has an intermingling of native plant communities, some of whose range is restricted to Southern California and Northern Baja California.

The hillsides contain coastal sage scrub and chaparral, two plant communities characterized by their adaptation to survive prolonged drought and periodic brush fires.

Named after Marian Bear, an active San Diego community leader and environmentalist, who worked to preserve the canyons in their natural state, the Park consists of 467 acres. Indeed, she was the driving force behind realigning the highway from the canyon floor to the north hillsides.

Thank you, Ms. Bear for your efforts. In the name of progress, we often forget just how important saving Nature can be.

From this point, Marian R. Park, will show you her beauty:

San Clemente Canyon Hike

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