Good Food, Wine, Spirits, Cooking Displays and Contests at the Taste of Beverly Hills

Sep 09, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In case you missed it, over the Labor Day weekend, Beverly Hills celebrated their very first Food & Wine’s Taste of Beverly Hills.

Hosted by the Beverly Hills Hilton, thousands of people came to eat, drink, watch celebrity cooking demonstrations, listen to some great music, and just have a good time.

Just as the sun was setting, the cooking fires within the tents were just getting started. The complete list of restaurants by day are listed here.

From the more than 40 local restaurants, the tasting was plentiful and varied–tuna “ice cones,” shrimp, Kobi Beef on skewers, sliders of all varieties, and that’s just a tiny fraction of what was served up during the 4 day Taste of Beverly Hills celebration. Served up to the elegant crowd were creative dishes including Rock Sugar’s Green Mango and Papaya Salad with liquored B.B.Q, ribs and Monterrey Red Abalone cucumber fennel by Melisse, just to name the sophistication and tastiness of the many food tastings provided.

I had my very first Sprinkles cupcake. Surprisingly, I liked the vanilla better than the Red Velvet, but both of them were delicious.

Sprinkles was just the start of the desserts. Chocolate mousse, pure heavenly chocolate, and even a Bit-O-Honey, was available to everyone.

Of course as a big fan of Top Chef, I had to watch the cooking demonstration by Michael Voltaggio, winner to Top Chef Season 6. With a wonderful sense of humor, Michael kept the audience both intrigued and entertained.

But, I also learned. In fact, the coolest part of his presentation was the idea of using a blender and a food dehydrator to make basil chips. In the photo above, Michael is using liquid nitrogen as part of his final product:

This is what happens when skill meets imagination. Thanks, Michael.

Oh, did I mention the wine and beer? The best wine from all over the world was brought together under two tents. Glass wine glasses were available for everyone, and tall bottles, short bottles, green bottles, and red bottles sat on the table like soldiers waiting to do battle.

There was a bountiful amount of other spirits–from Svedka, to Hula Girls colorful tropical Rum cocktails in a bottle!

Small sips were greatly enjoyed. With a Sprinkles cupcake in one hand, I walked up to Newton’s Winery table, and was promptly told that the wine I selected would pair better with a good steak instead of the cupcake I was holding.

Of course, I waited to eat the cupcake until I found a delicious prime rib slider from Lawry’s.

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