Goin’ Down

Feb 13, 2009 by Lisa Newton

I’m on my way back down to the base of Temescal Canyon. If you’ve been following me on my trek over the previous two posts, you were able to watch me as I made it to the waterfall, and then to the top of the mountain.

Going down a mountain, especially one that’s a little slick due to all of the recent rain required watching every step. One wrong move sometimes means you’ll fall down or find yourself in a tumbler–which isn’t nor can be a good thing.

And even though I was watching my steps, I was also watching the panoramic view. Probably not the greatest nor the latest news—but I still was basking in the glory of the moment and the bountiful California sunshine that the day afforded me.

People often say that hiking is boring–this particular hike is one in which “boringness” never entered the equation. In-between the initial steady uphill climb to slow dissent, I was totally captivated during the entirety of the 1+ hours I spent here. Indeed, afforded the opportunity I could and would spend even more time here, but such is life.

With the ocean on the left and multi-million dollar homes on the right, who could get bored? Temescal Gateway Park is located in one of the higher end real estate areas of the city, known as the Pacific Palisades.

Each and every home has a uniqueness all its own. I’m continually fascinated by houses that are built in and on hills. Part of my attraction to hillside houses, I’m sure, is because I grew up in Ohio, which isn’t known for its hills—because it’s mostly flat plains and farming country.

The other thing that Ohio isn’t known for is sailboats. There are some boats on Lake Erie; but my family was more into camping than boating.

As I said, we’ve recently had quite a bit of rain, but looking at this part of the trail, you wouldn’t have guessed that, being as its dirt brown. If you look closely, you can see the deep trenches made as the water flowed down hill; however, with the direct sun on it for most of the day, this part of the trail has already dried up.

I’ll leave Temescal Canyon and you with this thought:

Not too far from the end of the trail is a fallen tree spanning an even smaller creek. I’m sure many people have walked across the tree, maybe just to see if they could do it or to see what was on the other side, forging a new path.

Are there any trees you walk across in your neighborhood or parks you love to visit over and over again?

Whichever it is, Travelin’ Local, is all about what you like, where you want to go have fun, and hang out in your locales.

To strike that right balance only you know for sure but keep coming to check out what’s next here in our community.

Until then, please enjoy this video featuring Jeff Beck singing and playing “Goin’ Down”

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6 Responses to “Goin’ Down”

  1. Giovanna Garcia says:

    Hi Lisa

    Great photos as always, thanks for taking me hiking with you :-)
    I like the song, that is a nice touch. I enjoyed.
    Thank you,
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

    Giovanna Garcia’s last blog post..A Day to Celebrate You.


  2. LisaNewton says:

    @Giovanna You’re welcome, and I’m happy you enjoyed the song…………..:)


  3. Lisa's Chaos says:

    I would love to walk that trail too! I love getting out and walking in the parks, following trails, or forging my own. :) Can’t wait til the snow melts so it’s easier to do. :)

    You had beautiful views there! And again I’m so glad you shared your trek with us!


  4. Diane C. says:

    Hi Lisa, I enjoyed your Temescal Canyon posts. I was born in Santa Monica, and spent my first 35 years in southern California, but I never hiked much until moving here to Arizona. Now I can see some of what I missed. You sure got some awesome views from up on that mountain!

    Diane C.’s last blog post..Prickly Heart Haiku


  5. LisaNewton says:

    @Diana I’m so glad you liked them. I was surprised at the how far I could see. I’ve only been to Arizona once, but loved it. I look forward to following your Arizona hikes……………….:)


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