The food available in LA is wide and varied, from local Farmer’s Markets to fast food to high end dining.  With over 100 languages spoken and cultures represented, Los Angeles is a food lover’s dream. 

I haven’t had as much time to explore the food options here as I’d like, but that’s going to change right now. 

I love Rhubarb!

Ocean View Farms, a Community Garden and City Oasis

On Saturday, I spent the morning learning how to grow tomatoes at Ocean View Farms (OVF).

What is Ocean View Farms?

It is among the largest of more than 70 community gardens in Los Angeles County, with over 300 gardeners, ranging in age from 18 to 90.

Working in 500 garden plots, OVF is a vibrant community spanning [...]

Washington Boulevard

Palm Trees, a Famous Bakery, and Mexican Food

First opening in 1931, family-owned and -operated Helms Bakery supplied local residents with its fresh-baked bread delivered “Daily at Your Door” (the Helms motto) for over 40 years. Even though the bakery is no longer baking, the Helms Bakery building remains a cherished local landmark.

Opening his bakery in 1926, Paul Helms started small but worked [...]


Valentine’s Day at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market – Part II

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog entry, I’m a big fan of fresh fruits and veggies. Over the years, I tried to get my kids interested in eating them, too, and for the most part, I succeeded.

One way I was able to accomplish this feat was to take them to pick-your-own farms. Living on the [...]

Purple Cauliflower

Valentine’s Day at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

I’m pretty sure not everyone spent their Valentine’s Day at the local farmer’s market, but for me, it was perfect since I’ve wanted to go to this market for a long, long time, and Saturday was the day.

By closing two city blocks on Arizona between 2nd and 4th, vendors from all over Southern California are [...]


Let them eat Eggs

Canter’s Deli is a Los Angeles institution.

Established in 1924, over the years, it has become a haven for celebrities, producers, directors, musicians, local residents, regular customers, tourists, and just everyday people.

Open 24 hours per day, its menu varies from bagels and lox, to corn beef sandwiches, to fresh baked goods.

For this morning, I decided to [...]


Kickin’ it at Fatburger

Considered by many, FatBurger is an institution in Los Angeles, and just as you would expect from its moniker, Fatburger serves large burgers of several different varieties, a choice of fries or onion rings, plus, all-natural shakes made with real ice cream.

The creamy shakes are to die for. And after I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself I’m [...]