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Facebook and Los Angeles

Sep 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Are you on Facebook?

Or rather why aren’t you on Facebook?

If you live in Los Angeles you might be interested to know about your fellow Los Angelos who are using Facebook.

According to the US Census Bureau there are about 9,862,049 people currently living in the Los Angeles area and 63% of the city is on Facebook, with over 50% of them being women.

Here’s the age breakdown:

I have to admit, Los Angeles loves its sports. Here’s a quick and dirty local breakdown:

Los Angeles Lakers: Over 226,000 fans

Los Angeles Clippers: Over 8,000 locals

Boston Celtics: 14,940 fans on the site who live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Dodgers: 125,000 LA fans

Los Angeles Angels: 54,000 LA locals

San Francisco Giants: 9,740 fans residing in LA

Okay, let’s leave the sports pastime and gleam some other interesting facts about LA and Facebook:

Los Angeles Times: A total of over 7,000 fans, of which about half reside in LA

Rain (Yes that wet stuff that falls from the sky): has 16,000 LA fans

Original Tommy’s: Surprisingly only 10,000 local fans follow them.

In-N-Out Burger: 50,000 locals

And to end out little look at Facebook and LA, here’s a few facts about the movies and television:

Predator: About 6,200 fans on the site who live in LA vs. Kindergarten Cop: A little over 300 fans.

Entourage: only .2% of LA residents list themselves as a fan vs. Californication: 22,000 LA peeps like

If you’d like to read more, here’s the source of my info: 10 Little Known Facts about Los Angeles Facebook Users.

We are definitely a social City.

Full Disclosure: there’s a brand new movie about its founder Mark Zuckenberg and Facebook–The Social Network–with its motto, “You don’t get 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

Nonetheless, like it, love it, don’t use it or couldn’t care less, Facebook is a Los Angeles and world phenomena that’s now part of everyday life around the globe.

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