Don’t forget to look behind You

Mar 11, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Yesterday, I posted about my bicycle ride along the Los Angeles River. This particular section of the trail along the river, is only about 4 miles long, so my trip was essentially a “up-the-trail, down-the trail” go to the “the end and turn around and came back” outing. Surprisingly, though, as soon as I turned around, the sights were so completely different from what I had just saw and chronicled.

Here the beautiful Burbank and Glendale Hills proffer a totally new perspective than the direct approach along the river.

Have you ever followed a path for a long distance, enjoying the view along the way, only to turn around and be surprised at a totally new view?

Lesson learned: To get the fullest view possible, look at your surroundings from all vantage points, including the one behind you.

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9 Responses to “Don’t forget to look behind You”

  1. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Great advice! I do tend to look back to find out if there’s something good back there. :)

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Starfish Macro Monday


  2. Tracey says:

    Yes! All of the time! Another cool thing to do is lie on ground and look up! What a difference point of view makes! It looks like you are in a beautiful area!

    Tracey’s last blog post..Hand Dipped Chocolates Anyone?


  3. Diane C. says:

    My husband and I often take pictures as we walk up the canyon, and we think we’re done taking pictures. Ha! Then when we turn around to walk back down, and it’s a whole new world! We are always gone longer than we plan to be. Often we take the same route, but at different times of day, and find the changing light and shadows fascinating.

    Diane C.’s last blog post..Spring Haiku


  4. LisaNewton says:

    @ Lisa I’ve become a real fan of looking at it from all angles.

    @ Tracey I totally agree with the lying down and looking up, especially with all the great palm trees around here. It’s great to see the sun coming through.

    @ Diane C. I haven’t tried too many different times of days. There is too much to see to repeat it several times. The major exception to that is the beach. I never get tired of seeing, hearing the waves, and looking at all the people. Plus, different times of the day present different sky views……………..:)


  5. D. Travis North says:

    I have to travel back and forth to work on Philadelphia’s “Blue Route”. Just like you say ‘the’ in front of your highways, in Philly…we call roads by unofficial names: The ‘Blue Route’ is not labeled as such anywhere on any public map, but locals all know exactly what road we’re tlaking about. I digress. anyhow…it’s a three-lane either direction road and when there’s an accident (even on the other side of the road) everything stops. Everyone just wants to see whats going on. Gaper delays are the worst in PA where our road system is often out of date.

    More fun, Route 76 is a narrow road 4 lane road (should be 6) without shoulders. An accident happens on that, and you’ve got a traffic jam for at least 3 hours. This backs up the Blue Route, the turnpike, Route 1 and all other roads that come within a 6 mile radius of 76. You get in a habit of checking traffic before starting your drive so that if there’s an accident, you might as well work late and get home at the same time.

    Great that you were able to look around. Without the traffic jam, you never get to look at the scenery around you.


  6. Todd Smith says:

    Yes, I can totally relate. It’s like two different paths completely when you turn around! What a great reminder. I also like to try to remember to move around and try to look at things from as many different angles as I can.

    Todd Smith’s last blog post..The blog is back and Todd Smith Photography has a new web design


  7. LisaNewton says:

    @ D. Travis I know of what you speak. I lived for 20+ years in MD and travelled to Ohio to visit family. I wasn’t too fond of the PA Turnpike, and in bad weather, it’s even worse.

    @ Todd Thanks, Todd, and I’ll remember to keep moving…………..:)


  8. Henie says:

    Oh, Lisa…I know exactly what you mean! But with photographers like you and I, you know that it’s coming and going and all around all the time…the camera never stops clicking!

    I can’t thank you enough for taking me around my own neighborhood to re-discover the beauty through your eyes! :~)

    Henie’s last blog post..Sliver of Past


  9. LisaNewton says:

    @ Henie I enjoy the looking up, down, back, and forward while taking pictures. You teach me that, too, each time I look at your photos…….:)


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