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Culver City’s Lindberg Park and After School Program

Jan 03, 2011 by Lisa Newton

I grew up living across the street from a park, which is probably why I have a particular fondness for them. Every child should have easy access to a playground, basketball court, or in my case, a football field.

When I was in the sixth grade, I was playing football with some neighborhood boys, and in my ever competitive nature, I ran back to catch an interception, and boom, I was tackled by a ninth grade boy who lived up the street.

I was knocked unconscious.

My fellow football players immediately ran across the street to my house and brought my father, who I scared the life out of, because he initially thought I had died.

He rushed me to the hospital, where I spent the next three days with a brain concussion.

After that, football was taken off my list of things to do.

But for kids who live across the street from the 4.39 acre Lindberg Park in Culver City, football, among other various physical fitness pursuits can be on their daily to-do play list.

To see Lindberg Park in an interesting juxtaposition I put together, just click the arrow below:

Also of interest to note, Lindberg Park is part of the Culver City After School Program, which is designed to provide supervision for children attending Farragut Elementary School grades K-5, while they’re playing at the park, or involved in after-school activities.

Open daily from after school until 6:00pm, kids get homework assistance, learn about “green” projects, participate and learn about computerized educational games, and other special events.

Pretty cool!!

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3 Responses to “Culver City’s Lindberg Park and After School Program”

  1. Will Campbell says:

    I biked by this park and through its surrounding neighborhood pretty regular when I was commuting to Westchester. It’s a great little enclave. In fact, in 2007, I pedaled my milestone 3,000th mile that year while passing it.

    I always figured it was named for the famed aviator, until I realized his last name is spelled “Lindbergh.”


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @Will Campbell, I thought you usually took the Ballona Creek bike path, which would have caused you to bypass this neighborhood.

    But, it’s great to have a memory associated with this wonderful park.


    Will Campbell Reply:

    @Lisa Newton, Later on I mostly started staying on Ballona Creek downstream all the way to Centinela but at first and on occasion I’d exit the creek at the pedestrian bridge past Overland and come around Lindberg Park.


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