So, you want to find some culture in Los Angeles? It’s not hard to do. Just take a look:


Adamson House

A Garden Tour of Malibu’s Adamson House

The Adamson House, in Malibu, is very much a part of our past, present, and future. Its folklore lays both a physical foundation, and a symbolic one that is ever omnipresent. Its architecture, owners’ history, and location are an integral part of Los Angeles storied events, experiences, tradition and beauty.

This classic Malibu home was built in [...]

Pacific Coast Highway

The Majestic Vistas from the Pacific Palisades

During a recent early morning walk, I headed for the hills, literally–the hills of Pacific Palisades to be precise. The Pacific Palisades is home to about 27,000 people, demographically very affluent, and a veritable who’s who in the movie and film industry.

Founded by 1922 by Rev. Charles H. Scott, Pacific Palisades was initially envisioned [...]

Sand Art

Finding Art on the Beach

When I recently took a trip to the beach, I was amazed to find the wide variety of nature which presented itself. The ebb and flow of the beach’s water and waves creates a perpetual motion that hits nature right between the eyes, which then nature turns into art.

What do you see when you [...]


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Fight Women’s Cancer at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Tomorrow

On Saturday, May 9th the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be the place to be.


Because the 16th Annual Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk For Women will take place at the LA Coliseum. The mission of the EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women is to increase awareness and raise the critical funds necessary for women’s cancer research, [...]

Let's rest our feet for a while

Sunday afternoon at the LA Times Festival of Books

Last Sunday, I went to the 14th Annual LA Times Festival of Books.

I’ve been looking forward to attending this event nonetheless; but ever since my friend Frank, a long time LA resident, told me about how much he enjoyed going to it previously. I couldn’t wait.

Who wouldn’t want to attend a free event featuring [...]

Let's Protect our Treasure

“Postcards from Ballona”

On Earth Day, April 22, 2009, a group of artists and volunteers gathered to revamp the “Postcards from Ballona” mural which has graced the Ballona Creek Bike Path access ramp on the west side of Overland Avenue in Culver City since 1997.

Over the years, the mural had become a victim of both vandalism and graffiti; [...]

Veterans for Peace, Arlington West, and their Tribute for our Troops

Every Sunday for the last five years, Veterans for Peace have created the stunning tribute for our troops entitled, “Arlington West.”

It’s physically located on the north side of the Santa Monica Pier.

Quoting directly from the Veterans for Peace Statement of Purpose, the Arlington West Mission Statement is:

Pershing Square is the Place to be

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Pershing Square has a long and rich history dating back to 1866.

Its last redesign was in 1994, led by the famed architect Ricardo Legorreta and landscape architect, Laurie Olin. As you can see from the pictures, they did a great job:

Pershing Square is playful and elegant; modern [...]

Education, Conservation, and the TreePeople

The caretakers and managers of Coldwater Canyon Park are the TreePeople, a non-profit organization whose mission is “To inspire the people of Los Angeles to take personal responsibility for the urban forest—educating, training, and supporting them as they plant and care for trees, and improve the neighborhoods in which they live, learn, work and play.”

Located [...]

Lights, Camera, Action and The Unit

Sometimes in Los Angeles, we get to literally be “part of the action” and have a backstage pass for being at the right place at the right time, for just being there. Welcome to Travelin’ Local’s backstage shoot of “The Unit.”

Such was the case during my recent foray during my afternoon visit to Macarthur Park. [...]

Macarthur Park is going to The People

A couple days ago, I featured some of our local feathered friends that I discovered while visiting Macarthur Park, so today I’d like to share some other interesting photographs that I took while I was at the park.

As Diane C. noted, Macarthur Park is also famous for the song named after it, which was first [...]

Welcome to the Free Pipe Organ Recital at the First Church in Los Angeles

For this Sunday morning, I’d like to take you to a very old church with an exceptionally large organ, the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. It’s Los Angeles’ oldest Protestant church in continuous operation, being founded in 1867.

Every Thursday at 12:10pm, the church opens its doors for a free 30 minute pipe organ recital.

Its [...]

An Afternoon with the Media at the Paley Center

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not a “greenhorn” to Southern California nor am I a native, so I was very excited when a friend of mine suggested that we visit The Museum of Television & Radio (MTR) in Beverly Hills. Its architect, Richard Meir, created a building that lives and breathes on one of [...]

A Los Angeles Scavenger Hunt

About a month ago, I accepted an invitation to participate in a “local” photo scavenger hunt being hosted by Nicole over at NicoleB Photography.

I had so much fun taking all of these pictures—indeed, every time I reached for my camera, the scavenger hunt was in the back of my mind, as I’m trying to bring [...]

What is one thing Los Angeles is famous for?

I should have used the word “infamous” but I wanted to get your attention.

Unfortunately our paradise is marred by one major ubiquitous problem:


Yesterday, I was on the 405 (Here in LA, the freeways are always preceded with the word “The.” I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is.)

It was only noon, so [...]

A Sanctuary in Los Angeles

The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is located on Sunset Boulevard. It’s not only a one-of-a-kind spiritual complex, it’s one of the most calming sanctuaries I’ve ever been to—and I’ve traveled the world.

This beautiful and soothing refuge in Los Angeles is situated on ten acres very close to both the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Coast Highway. [...]

Palm Trees, a Famous Bakery, and Mexican Food

First opening in 1931, family-owned and -operated Helms Bakery supplied local residents with its fresh-baked bread delivered “Daily at Your Door” (the Helms motto) for over 40 years. Even though the bakery is no longer baking, the Helms Bakery building remains a cherished local landmark.

Opening his bakery in 1926, Paul Helms started small but worked [...]