Cruising to the Silver Lake Reservoir in a Brand New Chevy Cruze

Aug 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If you’ve ever driven up Silver Lake Boulevard, which is a fun road to drive, you’ll notice the gorgeous lake which is in the middle of Los Angeles.

While test driving my Chevrolet Cruze on Friday, I stopped to look around and snap some pictures. As my previous post explained how much I genuinely enjoyed and thought that the Chevy Cruze is the perfect sedan to get around town in both style and safety, plus being able to support “Made in the USA.”

The Silver Lake Reservoir, given its namesake in 1906, is in honorarium of the then Water Board Commissioner, Herman Silver. Even though it looks like you’re seeing one body of water, in actuality, it’s two divided by a spillway.

The smaller upper level, named after the famous 1819 novel Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, surprisingly, doesn’t supply water to the residents of Silver Lake; but instead provides water to 600,000 homes in downtown and South Los Angeles.

Today, the Reservoir looks much different than it did a few years ago. In 2007, the DWP announced that the Silver Lake Reservoir, along with the Elysian Reservoir, were both contaminated with unusually high levels of the cancer-causing chemical bromate, and were “immediately isolated.”

Three months later and over several weeks, both reservoirs were drained and then, in May 2008, refilled, which took several weeks.

Photo courtesy of Take Sunset

Today, the Silver Lake Reservoir is a popular place for joggers, walkers, locals, and tourists. Although it’s fenced in, the 2.2 mile jogging path is a popular spot for exercise aficionados. It’s also a perfect picture place to spend some time to enjoy the great doors that Los Angeles and Southern California are blessed with.

That’s my Cruze on the far left resting in the shade, as I climbed over the concrete so I could get these photos.

If you happen to be jogging along and wonder why there are 400,000 black balls in Ivanhoe Reservoir, then you’ve come to the right place; they’re designed to shade the water, thus preventing the chemical reaction that forms bromate, which is triggered by sunlight.

So, the next time you’re in Silver Lake, take a look around or better yet, grab your jogging clothes and head for the path.

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