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Clean Energy, Earth Day and Los Angeles’ KCET

Apr 13, 2011 by Lisa Newton

it’s that time of year again, when around the world, dedicate and pay homage to Mother Earth.

Earth Day is the start of a new paradigm shift from using oil, coal and nuclear energy (to wit: the recent disaster in Japan’s horrific nuclear reactors meltdowns) for our generation’s dedication to green and environmentally friendly goals, the development to reach that objective and the translation of how to get there from here. It’s our generation’s “Manhattan Project.”

To be sure, it will take time, research, and a dedication to change the current status-quo. The process will be long, trying, and have many failures and successes along the way, but in the long run our quality of life and for future generations will continue to grow and prosper. (After all, oil has only a fixed amount left, we buy it from people who don’t like us very much, and it carbon based elements are quickly destroying our environment.)

And it’s a day to celebrate, to be inspired, become motivated and gain new appreciation for the Earth’s fragility and our need to use this day to work with each other.

Nonetheless, although Earth Day has grown larger and larger over its over 40 years, there’s still much work to be done–by everyone.

To help bring some of these a few of theses current environmental issues to the forefront KCET is honoring Earth Day by presenting several programs in April–all of demonstrating our current vulnerability of our planet and the growing urgency for everyone to take action now (yesterday!)

On Thursday, April 14th at 10:00pm, you can watch the film Desert Oasis: Creating A Wetlands Park In Las Vegas

Be sure to check your calendar on April 21st, at 9:30pm for a viewing America’s Grasslands: A Threatened National Resource:

Turn in for Bloom: The Plight Of Lake Champlain on April 21st, at 10:00pm:

Also, don’t forget Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War on April 26th, at 10:00pm:

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