Celebrating Christmas by Hiking to Newton Canyon Falls in Malibu

Dec 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

On Saturday, Christmas Day, the rain broke and I made a beehive to Malibu–a place of immense beauty both beach side and mountain side.

The primary reason I wanted to go there because it was the perfect time to see a waterfall and hike at the same time.

Waterfalls are a Spiritual symbol of nature’s Inherent Beauty and a Testament to Man’s spirituality–anyway, who doesn’t like waterfalls!

Because waterfalls in Southern, CA are only visible in the winter, and after our week long blitzkrieg of unrelenting showers, I took advantage of the brief window of opportunity when the rain stopped for a little while.

But, what waterfall to visit?

On the Westside of LA and still within Los Angeles county, there are only a few waterfalls to choose from:

  1. Escondido Falls
  2. Newton Canyon Falls
  3. Santa Ynez Falls
  4. Solstice Canyon Falls
  5. Temescal Canyon Falls

Having already written stories about both Escondido Falls and Temescal Canyon Falls, I wanted to introduce our readers to a new, but not so new, place that shows that Los Angeles is a city graced with so much physical beauty.

Deciding where I wanted to go this Christmas, as it turned out, one particular name really stood out– Newton Canyon Falls.

After all, my name is Lisa Newton. Smile

Although typically bright Southern California blue skies and sunshine were absent; the drive was great, especially because I was driving a brand new GM car, the 2011 Chevy Cruze. It loves the curves on the PCH and Kanaan Dune Road.

I love this car!

Surprisingly, the entrance to the trail has a small parking lot. Considering it was a beautiful Saturday morning, I was surprised more people weren’t taking advantage of it. But, then again, it was Christmas–the perfect time to have some solitude in the big city! As well, the ever moving clouds, the lush canyon green landscape made my brief sojourn absolutely outstanding.

After parking, I embarked on my journey,, so I’ll let the following pictures and map help tell the rest of my story:

Newton Canyon Falls

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