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Venice (Canals Included) Walking Tour – Part 5

Jan 18, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Since our last Venice (Canals Included) Walking Tour story, we ended that portion at the Post Office in Windward Circle.
It’s the heart and soul of Abbott Kinney’s vision of bringing Venice, Italy to California.
While on [...]

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Walkways are Streets in Venice

Dec 19, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Part of Los Angeles’ charm is the various “streets” that aren’t really streets at all.
For example, if you’ve ever been to the Music Box Steps, which isn’t just the name of the stairs, but [...]

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Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 4

Dec 15, 2010 by Lisa Newton

When we last left our Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour, we were standing at the corner of Windward Avenue, heading east toward Kinney Circle. Although Venice is known for its unique Boardwalk, Venice isn’t only [...]

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Don’t Miss the Holiday Boat Parade at the Venice Canals

Dec 09, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In case you didn’t know it, I’m a huge admirer and aficionado of our Venice Canals.
I originally visited them while I visited and wrote the small map, and now I’m in the process of [...]

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Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 3

Dec 02, 2010

In Part 2 of the Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour, we were walking down Pacific Avenue getting ready to turn onto Windward Avenue.
So far, we’ve completed about ½ a mile of the total part [...]

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A Weekend Morning in Venice Beach

Nov 21, 2010

Our much needed rain is upon us this weekend, but last weekend, I spent a quiet weekend morning on a very small section of Venice Beach.
Unlike today, it wasn’t raining, and it was still fairly [...]

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The Evolution of a Venice Mural

Nov 15, 2010

If you visit Venice Beach you might miss this mural; hopefully when you leave you won’t.
First painted in 1989, and entitled Venice Reconstituted, the mural was commissioned by SPARC, and the Social and Public [...]

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Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 2

Oct 18, 2010

Venice has become California’s new Riviera–with its eclectic shopping, dining establishments, fine beaches, beautiful people, and something always going on–the city never sleeps.
Last week we shared with you a small portion of our upcoming Venice [...]

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The Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 1

Oct 06, 2010

Venice is a city full of wonder–physically by structure, naturally because its proximity to the splendorous beaches of the Pacific Ocean, its fresh air and sunny skies, and its cultural mix of its people.
From the [...]

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The First Venice Art Crawl is Happening Tonight

Aug 19, 2010

What better way to spend a Thursday then to head over to Venice for their first Venice Art Crawl.
Its purpose ostensibly is to highlight the free artistic spirit of Venice, and the Crawl will be [...]

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The Westside Food Fest

Jul 27, 2010

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 31st, 2010. That’s the date for the Westside Food Fest, and it’s where all the action will be.
Not only do you get your choice of food trucks and [...]

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The best and most Scenic Way to get from Venice to Marina del Rey

Jul 07, 2010

In less than 2 miles, you can walk from Venice to Marina del Rey.
During my bike ride in Marina last week, a family asked how me how to get to Venice. At the time, [...]

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Baby Blues BBQ Cooks Up Good Eats

Jun 09, 2010

Summer time makes me crave BBQ, and cold beer. Luckily, Baby Blues BBQ is on 444 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, and when I’m too lazy to do the BBQing myself (and too broke to fly [...]

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A Corner in Venice celebrates its Grand Opening

May 05, 2010

Last Sunday, the new Labyrinth Park at the corner of San Juan at 6th Street in Venice had its Grand Opening. It’s amazing to watch a venture transform from a beginning, middle, and end—even more [...]

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