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The Los Angeles River and Garden Center is a Hidden Gem

Jan 25, 2011 by Lisa Newton

I’m sure all of you recall the downpours we had last December.
During a break in the rain, it looked like the very nasty weather might be coming to an end:
The dark skies suddenly opened, and [...]

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The History of our Nation literally passed through Los Angeles

Jan 13, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Did you know that in Los Angeles’ backyard we are a major part of a 1,200 mile trail that stretches from Arizona all the way to San Francisco?
The trail traverses through deserts, rivers, woodlands, shorelines, [...]

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Three Parks at the LA River

Jan 10, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Located in the triangle where Interstate 5 meets the 110 freeway, there are three little known parks, all highlighting the wonderful attributes of the Los Angeles River.
It’s all part of a “promising effort,” for [...]

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The Eagle Rock Music Festival is happening this Saturday

Sep 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

On Saturday, October 2, between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Arcus Street, music will be the focus of the day, all day.
The 12th Annual Eagle Rock Annual Music Festival sponsored by the Eagle Rock Center [...]

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La Ofrenda – A Latina Woman Centric Mural in Westlake

Sep 12, 2010

Located in the shadow of Vista Hermosa Park, hidden in a Toluca underpass under the First Street Bridge is La Ofrenda–a mural designed and painted by Yreina Cervantes in 1989.
Depicting Delores Huerta, a co-founder [...]

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Cruzing to the Skinner House in Silver Lake

Sep 09, 2010

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Silver Lake for a quick jaunt.
It was quick because at the time, I was test driving the Chevy Cruze for three hours. However, before I took the test [...]

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Judson Studios in Highland Park

Sep 02, 2010

Even though Los Angeles is famous for being the movie business capital of the world; there’s much more to LA than just that.
Take Highland Park for example.
Well, actually Garvanza, which is considered a sub-district of [...]

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Mt. Washington’s Moon Canyon and Heidelberg Parks

Sep 01, 2010

If you’re looking for a new place to hike in Los Angeles County, that’s not too far off the beaten path: then look no further than both Moon Canyon and Heidelberg Parks at Mt. Washington.
It [...]

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We Go Rock, Eagle Rock’s Friday Fest

Sep 01, 2010

We all know that economically, times are tough for all. Many businesses are struggling to make ends meet; indeed, too many have had to closed. Others are on the precipice of doing the same.
To [...]

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Pasadena’s Freeway Tunnels

Jun 13, 2010

How does a freeway go over a mountain? It doesn’t. That’s partly why tunnels are built. In the case of the Pasadena Freeway, it took a total of four tunnels to be exact. After discovering [...]

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