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Water and Art meet in Downtown Los Angeles

Jan 11, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Obviously in Los Angeles we don’t get nearly enough annual rainfall to serve our city and county’s population water needs. So when you turn on your faucet, do you know where that water comes from?

Believe [...]

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The Director’s Roundtable Garden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Nov 23, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Nothing is simple, and the above picture takes simplicity into the realm of the exquisite. The picture above is nothing short of electric in how it seizes your senses with its sheer attention grabbing eccentricity, [...]

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Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Library

Nov 05, 2009 by Lisa Newton

First opened in 1926, Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Library is the third largest in the nation, and its subject departments contain more than 2.6 million books; 10,000 magazine subscriptions; 3 million historic photographs; 5 [...]

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Walking your Neighborhood

Oct 27, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Yesterday, LAStreetsblog featured the“20-minute neighborhood,” as a place where you can meet all of your daily needs within a 20-minute radious, preferably on foot.
The phrase "20-minute living" has been credited to a development firm, Gerding [...]

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Los Angeles’ World Peace Bell

Oct 26, 2009

Inside Maguire Gardens, a small park surrounding the Central Library is the World Peace Bell.
Inscribed on the Plaque located beneath the Bell
The World Peace Bell is an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. The bell [...]

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Discover 2 Blocks in Downtown LA

Oct 25, 2009

We recently wrote a story about the Fine Arts Building on 8th street, just east of Figueroa, but we’re far from done. Figueroa Street is a treasure trove of beauty. In this story, we’ve discovered [...]

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“Taste the Difference at New York Pizza Next Door”

Oct 24, 2009

Who doesn’t love Pizza? Especially, when it’s an out-of-this-world, heaven on earth round delight New York Style pizza.
Count me in and I know where you can find this delicacy. While downtown, working on a recent [...]

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A Building that defines Public Art

Oct 22, 2009

After a lot of time and work, Travelin’ Local has formed a California non-profit corporation– Mapping Los Angeles Public Art, aka “MLAPA.” In addition, we’ve submitted our application to the IRS for our 501c (3) [...]

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Finding Public Art at the Figueroa Courtyard in Downtown LA

Sep 14, 2009

Figueroa Courtyard in Downtown Los Angeles, at the corner of 3rd and Figueroa, is a unique 5 acre walkway and courtyard. If you want to relax, immerse yourself in the sounds of a running fountain, [...]

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Welcome to the Cathedral of our Lady of Angels

Sep 04, 2009

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Cathedral of our Lady of Angels is a quiet, art-filled oasis in the middle of a bustling city. When I first saw this immense building, I [...]

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Public Art at the John Ferraro Department of Water and Power Building

Aug 31, 2009

This gorgeous sculpture entitled Colpo d’ala, which looks like it is immersed in the clear water moat surrounding the John Ferraro Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (“LADWP”) building, resembles a large bird ready [...]

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A Walking Tour of the Mid-Wilshire District

Aug 11, 2009

The Mid-Wilshire District is filled with museums, shopping, food, drinks, in addition to its sights, sounds, and history that that define Los Angeles.
Mid-Wilshire District Walking Tour Highlights

Although my Walking Tour covers a 3.2 mile route; [...]

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Pan-Pacific Park – Family Friendly Fun

Jul 29, 2009

The Pan Pacific Auditorium in 1937 (Photo via the Los Angeles Public Library and the LAist)
From its iconic start, the Pan Pacific Park, which spans a full city block, has had many rough years, but [...]

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A Day of Shopping at The Grove

Jul 19, 2009

Not too long ago, the areas around The Grove, were run-down older apartment buildings, motels, and the hither and yearn of urban decay– so typical of inner-city life and living. Then something changed—the private sector [...]

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