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A Quick Guide to the Los Angeles Film Festival

Jun 19, 2010 by Tom Jones

Is watching a new, independent movie from a brand new director or a tried and true one something you enjoy? How about a brand new music video.  And don’t forget about the huge burgeoning foreign [...]

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Boston Sucks or Beat LA! For the 12th Time in NBA History a Familiar Chant Comes to Town

Jun 15, 2010 by Rick Ray

The Celtics have seventeen; the Lakers have fifteen – championship banners that hang from each sports franchise’s hallowed rafters. The two teams make up for 32 of the 63 championships in NBA history. An unheard [...]

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Let’s Pitch in and clean up Downtown LA

Jun 05, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If you’re a follower of Travelin’ Local, you know that we’re huge fans of the Downtown Broadway Theatre Corridor, where the nation’s largest concentration of historic theatres are in one place.
It has, among other [...]

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Take me out to the ball game – the Dodger’s of course!

May 10, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

Summer is right around the corner, and that means longer sunny days, watermelon, and baseball. If you live in Los Angeles, and have never attended a Dodgers game, shame on you!
With that in mind, I’m [...]

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The 2010 Amgen Tour of California is coming to Los Angeles

May 04, 2010

Get ready because on May 22nd, the 2010 Amgen Tour of California will be coming to LA LIVE in Stage 7 with a 21-mile individual time trial.
With the backdrop of such downtown landmarks as [...]

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Radio Hill Gardens

Apr 04, 2010

When I’m visiting different parts of Los Angeles, I make a concerted effort to visit several different locations in a single day.
Based on both my personal and professional background I’ve always been of the belief [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre- Rialto Edition

Mar 21, 2010

While covering the Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre series, its depressing seeing these historic buildings go to waste. More accurately, they’re literally wasting away.
Because Los Angeles’ history with film and Theatre is intertwined with who [...]

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Los Angeles Streetcars and the downtown Broadway Theatre District

Feb 27, 2010

Did you know that Los Angeles used to have the “Largest Trolley System in the World?”
With a fleet of over 900 electric trolley cars, covering over 1,100 miles of track, Los Angeles was the leader [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The State Theatre Edition

Feb 20, 2010

Built in 1921, The State Theatre was formally part of the Loews Theatre group. Founded by Marcus Loew in 1904, the chain was the largest movie theatre group until 2006. To provide films for his [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The Tower Theatre Edition

Feb 13, 2010

Opening on October 12, 1927, the Tower Theatre was the first downtown theatre to be wired for sound.
Using a French inspired theme in the interior, architect S. Charles Lee combined Spanish, Moorish, and Romanesque [...]

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Los Angeles State Historical Park

Jan 27, 2010

Situated in the middle of an old, industrial section of Los Angeles, is the Los Angeles State Historical Park. Located close to the Chinatown Metro, it’s an open space paradise, especially for walkers and joggers. [...]

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Sunday at the Theater – Million Dollar Theater Edition

Jan 24, 2010

Los Angeles used to have a thriving theater area located in downtown known as the Broadway Corridor. It consists of twelve theaters, each with their own distinct architecture, history, and character.
They all played a major [...]

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Bell Communications around the Globe

Jan 19, 2010

Located on the AT&T building at 420 S. Grand Ave., is one of the most innovative pieces of public art I’ve ever seen. Measuring 36 feet wide and 17 feet high, the sculpture-cum-installation, “Bell Communications [...]

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Under your souls on 3rd Street in downtown Los Angeles

Jan 14, 2010

If you’re walking on the 3rd Street, on the Grand Central Market side of the street, take a look down at the sidewalk.
Because you might learn a few new facts about the city you live [...]

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