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Los Angeles Free Friday

Sep 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Yesterday, while talking to a friend of mine she blurted out “Is it September 23rd already?” (suddenly realizing that another summer has come and gone so quickly).
Yes, and that’s how sometimes things move so fast–especially [...]

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One Small Treasure on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

Sep 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Have you ever passed by a building and wondered about its history? Who lived there? When was it built? Who was the architect?
These are the questions I asked myself as I passed by 11725 Sunset [...]

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Park[ing] Day LA is Friday September 17th

Sep 13, 2010 by Lisa Newton

On Friday, September 17th, you might notice a change when you go to work.
In your parking lot or spot, where a large delivery truck usually resides, trees might be found there, or perhaps a [...]

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Los Angeles circa 1935

Aug 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Take a look at Los Angeles in 1935. This video features Grumman’s Chinese Theater, Streetcars, Olvera Street, and Hollywood Boulevard.
Produced by James A. Fitzpatrick, the Los Angeles "Wonder City of the West" is a [...]

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Let’s Bring NFL Football back to Los Angeles!

Aug 23, 2010

As the success of LA Live, the Third Street Promenade, Pasadena’s Old Town, the Downtown renaissance including Disney Hall, the MOCA and associated new housing, and restaurants close-by; the return of business, commerce, shopping, lodging, [...]

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2010 Chinatown Summer Nights

Aug 02, 2010

From the art of Chinese calligraphy, and learning how to read and when using it, this year’s 2010 Chinatown Summer Nights will be the times for Family Workshops that teach about simple and common characters [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Jul 30, 2010

Maybe because it’s the end of the month, or it’s the middle of the summer, or we’re all into the dog days of summer–that explains the a potential reason that we need a respite from [...]

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The Los Angeles Summer Lunch Program and a Map to find Them

Jul 03, 2010

In case you didn’t know it in my previous professional life I used to be what is commonly called a “Lunch Lady.”
That’s right, I was the manager of the food program for a high school [...]

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Audience Award Winners of 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival Announced

Jun 27, 2010

Today Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, announced its 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival audience award winners before the Closing Night film, “Despicable Me.” [...]

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Upstate – an Independent Movie about Identity, Love, Loss, and Time

Jun 25, 2010

A recent movie featured for the narrative competition category at this year’s Film Independent Narrative competition is the Independently produced movie, aptly named Upstate.
As the name implies, the movie’s location takes place in upstate New [...]

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Artistic Graffiti – Los Angeles Style

Jun 24, 2010

While I was taking photographs for Travelin’ Local’s most recent Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre, story, I passed the rear of a building that caught my eye.
Typically, artists will not only find art in the [...]

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Hey LA, Give your Local Opera Some Love

Jun 23, 2010

I’m not an opera critic and I can’t tell you which opera in the world is the best, or whether Placido Domingo’s voice has ripened with his old age. But I can tell you that [...]

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Meet your Neighbor at Pershing Square

Jun 23, 2010

Have you ever lived next to someone and not even known their name? How about living in a city, but not really “knowing” anything about the city?
If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – Los Angeles Theatre

Jun 20, 2010

In the heart of the Broadway Theatre Corridor is the magnificent Los Angeles Theatre. Built in 1931, the Los Angeles Theatre was the brainchild of three men; William Fox, who founded Fox Film Corporation, which [...]

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